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US officials appeal protections for Voyager execs in Binance.US sale

The DOJ disagrees with the legal protections given to those involved in the Voyager sale to Binance.US, saying the court “improperly” exceeded its authority.

Blockchain Consensus Mechanism:Protection and Punishment

The uniqueness of blockchain is that it provides an autonomous system of management value. This is due to the internal rules of blockchain, also known as consensus mechanism. In short, the consensus mechanism ensures that malicious, destructive or fraudul

Crypto Firm Vauld Gets Creditor Protection From Singapore Court

The crypto space witnessed the bankruptcy of some firms due to the prevailing bearish trend in 2022. Without much warning, the crypto winter swept off lots of

Troubled crypto lender Vauld gets extended creditor protection

The company claims that the negotiations with potential crisis managers entered the “advanced stage.”

Why does blockchain need environmental protection? Application of blockchain environmental protection

Why does blockchain need environmental protection? Application of blockchain environmental protection. Sustainability will increasingly become the core standard of the blockchain industry in the future.

Top search|Huobi online COVA triggered rights protection, harvest hands stained with blood

Recently, much of the currency world's attention has focused on Huobi. Because Huobi, which is characterized by downtime, has actually set a Flag that the contract will not fail for a year: the technical director of Huobi contract made a bet

Top line|The victim of Huobi investors were door-to-door rights protection

Chain de (wechat: ChainDD) March 23 news, chain de App exclusively learned that there are a number of people in front of the Huobi building in Chengmai County

Top search|Binance frequently "needle" breakthrough bottom line, where's customer rights?

Binance put a pin in it, again. Since 11:30 on April 18 (UTC+8), websocket has been disconnected continuously for a long time (about 5 minutes each time), resulting in inaccurate data delay, and ws has no feedback on account balance and leverage

Top search|Binance pull out the cable harvest, and then be a wide range of rights!!

Currency circle is now experiencing a bull, I believe most of the people with spot have made a lot of money, even if the contract rights is less and less, but as a relatively well-known Ann but even by rights protection

Top line|Binance exploded again, domestic bigwigs and overseas users appeared to defend their rights

In the currency circle, when it comes to exchanges, people's first reaction is the three giants: Huobi, OK and Binance.

Top search|Huobi EduCoin exposed major loopholes and many investors launched rights protection

This morning, Huobi issued an announcement that EduCoin, a project on its trading station Huobi pro, temporarily closed its trading and coin charging and withdrawal due to the upgrade of its wallet.

Top line|Under the collapse of the Huobi is "pulling cable",investors discuss the rights to Li Lin

Yesterday evening, the currency market ushered in a big waterfall, BTC plunged more than 30%, the market value of the top ten currencies have more than 30% of the decline, at the same time, some traders are in trouble, suffering.