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South Dakota gov vetoes bill excluding crypto from definition of 'money'

The bill, criticized by many conservatives, proposed amending the state’s Uniform Commercial Code to specifically exclude digital assets — with the possible exception of CBDCs.

India subjects crypto transactions to Anti-Money Laundering law

The operators must store the transactions’ data for ten years and pass it to regulators on demand.

How to build a crypto portfolio without spending any money or time trading

Some say “it takes money to make money,” but this isn’t true in crypto. Here’s a few free ways to start building a portfolio.

Best Three Decentralized Finance Cryptocurrencies to Invest Your Money- Polkadot, Cardano, and Dogetti

Due to the surge in popularity of cryptocurrencies, businesses and investors have embraced the market for cryptocurrencies in great numbers. Because there are

What are the advantages of blockchain? How can ordinary people make money on blockchain?

Blockchain technology is a new decentralized system architecture and distributed computing paradigm that uses encrypted chained block construction to verify and store data, uses distributed node consensus algorithm to generate and update data, and uses au

What is Splinterlands and how to earn money playing it

Discover the exciting world of Splinterlands, a P2E collectible card game featuring unique NFTs, strategic battles and player-driven markets.

Without the key, the money does not belong to you. That's all.

"Without the key, the money doesn't belong to you" is a buzzword in the world of cryptocurrencies. – This word is also important. If you don't control the keys yourself, you can't really control your

The 7 Best Altcoins to Buy Now to 10X Your Money

One of the reasons that investing in crypto is so appealing is the huge returns that the right project can generate for those who are able to get hold of

How does IPFS miner make money? How to choose an IPFS miner?

As we all know, mining is also a very hot project at present. Many investors have invested in mining and want to make a lot of money from it. We also know that mining machines are needed for mining, and there are many kinds of mining machines on the marke

Why invest in counterfeit money? Which counterfeit coins are worth investing in?

Why invest in counterfeit currency? Which counterfeit coins are worth investing?

One Year Later: Federal Investigators Eyeing Squiggles NFT Creators For Wire Fraud & Money Laundering

It's been a year since we first covered the story surrounding Squiggles, an NFT rugpull that was traced down with a full-fledged manifesto. The NFT market has

Bitcoin mining brings more than money to this East African country

A Bitcoin mining project in a remote corner of Malawi connects more families to the grid while delivering economic empowerment to an impoverished region.