Ledger launches Nano “Gold Standard” wallets

A new limited edition of the Ledger Nano and NanoX, called the “Gold Standard,” was unveiled yesterday.It is a collaboration with Gasoline by artist and company founder Mason Rothschild. Mason Rothschild and the new “Gold Standard” Ledger Nano Mason Roths

FTX-related stablecoins on the move: $145M transferred to crypto exchanges

Three wallets, reportedly associated with FTX and its subsidiary, Alameda Research, have moved 69.64 million USDT and 75.94 million USDC.

Solana (SOL) Proposes Network Upgrade, Robinhood Launches iOS Wallet Supporting Polygon (MATIC), TMS Network (TMSN) Becomes Top Contender To King Coin Position

While Solana (SOL) and Polygon (MATIC) are in dwindling situations, TMS Network (TMSN) is cruising fast on the growth chart. After raising $2 million in a

Let Tim Cook: Apple Blocks Uniswap’s Crypto Wallet

Big tech giant Apple has had a troublesome relationship with the crypto industry, which could further worsen by a new decision.

Robinhood Wallet rolls out on iOS with Android support to follow

The full launch and removal of the 1 million waitlisted users come six months after Robinhood launched its beta version in September.

Robinhood Launches Crypto Wallet for iOS with Support for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, SHIB, and Polygon

Robinhood, the popular trading app, has announced the launch of a cryptocurrency wallet for iOS users supporting six crypto tokens, including Bitcoin,...

Shiba Inu Army Gets Excited On Wallet Provider News, Here’s Why

Two high-profile wallet providers have caused a stir within the SHIB army ahead of the beta launch of Shibarium, the layer 2 network of Shiba Inu.

MyAlgo users urged to withdraw, as cause of $9.2M hack remains unknown

The Algorand wallet provider said it still hasn’t determined the cause of exploit that’s drained millions in ALGO, urging users to withdraw funds from wallets created with a seed phrase.

Crypto Wallet ZenGo Security Team Launches Dashboard To Detect Potential Opensea NFT Hacking

Earlier today, the Crypto wallet ZenGo security team released a dashboard aimed at helping investors detect, track and monitor potential

How to create NFTs on the Cardano blockchain

Cardano NFTs are unique digital assets on the Cardano blockchain that can be created using smart contracts and traded on NFT marketplaces.

Crypto wallets: What do you need to know before choosing a crypto wallet?

The main purpose of Bitcoin wallet is to communicate with blockchain. The wallet uses your private key and Bitcoin address (similar to your email address) to allow you to conduct Bitcoin transactions. The whole process is protected by encryption software,

What is a multi-signature wallet? (Multisig Wallet)?

Multisig stands for Multiple Signature, which is a specific type of digital signature. This type of signature will allow more than two users to sign documents as a group. Thus, multiple signatures res