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Class action lawyers claim YouTuber ‘BitBoy Crypto’ threatened them

In a court filing, lawyers in a class-action lawsuit alleged that Ben Armstrong “began harassing” them after he was named a defendant.

IRS calls for public feedback on taxing NFTs as collectibles

Those wishing to offer feedback to the IRS on having NFTs treated as collectibles, such as coins or works of art, have until June 19 to submit comments.

Sen. Warren calls out ‘sham audits’ while SVB threatens crypto bankruptcy

Contrasting Warren’s statements against crypto auditors, numerous members highlighted the ongoing collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB), a Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation-insured bank.

Decentralized finance to be examined at inaugural CFTC tech advisory meeting

A panel at an upcoming advisory meeting for the financial regulator will “explore issues in decentralized finance.”

US Justice Department seizes website of prolific ransomware gang Hive

The group is known to have targeted critical infrastructure, healthcare providers and more over the past two years.

These 2 US States Now Support Bitcoin, Will They Buy The Dip?

While the bankruptcy of Genesis Trading is sending renewed (but expectable) shockwaves through the crypto market, two American states have taken important

New Hampshire gov releases report on blockchain following executive order

According to the commission, New Hampshire should work toward building a legal framework “for sound development of blockchain technologies and its applications.”

Bitcoin mining ETF tops equity ETF market in new year’s performance charts

After a tumultuous year, Bitcoin mining ETFs are back in the leading positions on performance charts for the first month of 2023.

FTX's former top lawyer cooperated with the US in Sam Bankman-Fried case

FTX’s former compliance chief Daniel Friedberg started working for Sam Bankman-Fried in 2017 and resigned from FTX days before the exchange collapsed.

Democrats to reportedly return over $1M of SBF's funding to FTX victims

Three democratic committees, the DNC, the DSCC and the DCCC, pledged to return SBF’s political donations after the entrepreneur was charged with eight counts of financial crimes.

Top search|Plunge 80% CNNS completely detonate chives anger coin world united Biter "play off"

Recently, the currency circle is really busy. In early April, OK's first IEO project, building block Cloud BLOC, went online and smashed the plate wildly, which hurt the hearts of a lot of chives, and everyone swore that OK was ugly.

NYC mayor stands by Bitcoin pledge amid bear market, FTX: Report

During Eric Adams’ time in office, the NY state government passed a law that will implement a two-year moratorium on non-renewable proof-of-work mining and the crypto market turned bearish.