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Salesforce Web3 to help brands build trusted and scalable NFT programs

The platform promised to help companies create, manage and deploy non-fungible tokens in a trusted, scalable and sustainable way.

Primary vs. secondary markets: Key differences

Primary and secondary markets differ in securities, pricing, risk, volume, liquidity, timeframe and more.

Is security tokenization the 'Amazon-moment' for blockchain technology?

European regulators are debuting securities on public blockchains for retail investors — and it could be a big moment for blockchain adoption, according to Demelza Hays.

Layers Have Become the Way to Scale Blockchain Technology to the Masses. It's Important ... - Latest Tweet

The latest Tweet by Binance Coin states, 'Layers have become the way to scale blockchain technology to the masses. It's important to understand what each...

Ordinal Technology Unlocked the True Power and Designed an Ordinal Dogecoin on the Bitcoin Blockchain

Ordinal Dogecoin has emerged as an original memecoin which was created by combining ordinal and smart contracts on Ethereum. In the latest development,...

What is a NeRF and how can this technology help VR, AR, and the metaverse

NeRF technology can accelerate the growth of the metaverse, providing more realistic objects and environments for VR and AR devices.

What is the impact of blockchain technology? Three blockchain technologies that will explode in 2023

With the rapid development of digitalization, blockchain technology has become a disruptive technology. This technology is not only brilliant in the financial field, but also widely used in various industries. It is characterized by decentralization, tran

Top 11 greatest investors of all time

Discover the top 11 greatest investors of all time who have achieved unparalleled success in the financial world.

What is the blockchain technology?Who invented blockchain technology?

The founder of blockchain technology can be attributed to David Chum, a Berkeley programmer who invented blind signature technology in 1982. Blind signature technology is an untraceable payment system, which establishes a distinction between a person's id

Multichain DEXs are on the rise with new protocols enabling them

A new set of decentralized exchanges can enable multichain trading and margin trading for users.

Co-founders of StoryCo discuss how blockchain technology can evolve the way IP is franchised

StoryCo's founders discuss franchising IP and co-creation through blockchain technology.

How is distributed ledger technology different from blockchain? What challenges does it face?

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) refers to a technical infrastructure and protocol that allows simultaneous browsing, verification and updating of records in a constant form across the network of entities or locations. What is the difference between di