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Coinbase To US SEC; Core Staking Services Are Not Securities

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has strictly regulated digital currencies and crypto exchanges like Coinbase. It is currently in a

CFTC adds execs from Circle, Ava Labs and Fireblocks to tech advisory group

The technology advisory committee aims to assist the CFTC in “identifying and understanding the impacts and implications of technological innovation in financial services and markets.”

Binance-Voyager deal to proceed without holdings, NY judge rules

According to Judge Michael Wiles, any protractions with the deal will harm the interests of Voyager’s former clients, who are waiting for the return of their funds.

Primary vs. secondary markets: Key differences

Primary and secondary markets differ in securities, pricing, risk, volume, liquidity, timeframe and more.

US officials appeal protections for Voyager execs in Binance.US sale

The DOJ disagrees with the legal protections given to those involved in the Voyager sale to Binance.US, saying the court “improperly” exceeded its authority.

Silvergate and SVB bite the dust: Law Decoded, March 6–13.

Elizabeth Warren and Sherrod Brown didn’t miss a chance to attack the crypto industry after bank failures.

Blockchain Security Solutions Market Share and Ongoing Trends, Size, Growth Rate, Recent Key Players - Oracle,

Press release - ReportsnReports - Blockchain Security Solutions Market Share and Ongoing Trends, Size, Growth Rate, Recent Key Players - Oracle, IBM,...

Scalable Crypto: Cardano and Avalanche can be Stored Securely with

One of the desires for all cryptocurrencies is to offer a high level of security and scalability. The past has conveyed to us that security is rarely at risk

Is security tokenization the 'Amazon-moment' for blockchain technology?

European regulators are debuting securities on public blockchains for retail investors — and it could be a big moment for blockchain adoption, according to Demelza Hays.

Ripple (XRP) CEO Warns Ahead Of SEC Lawsuit Verdict, Cardano’s (ADA) Weekly Report Shows Big Leap, There’s A Reason Why TMS Network (TMSN) Is Ruling The Market

TMS Network's (TMSN) presale has set up many new market records after completing its first stage with a monumental growth rate. The presale phase of TMS

How the SEC-Ripple XRP Lawsuit could change Web3: MEMAG is Ready to Skyrocket in 2023

All eyes in the Web3 sector are currently pointed toward the lawsuit brought against the crypto DeFi project Ripple (XRP) by the US Securities and Exchange

Judges Appear Skeptical of SEC Arguments in Grayscale Bitcoin ETF Hearing

A panel of judges appeared skeptical of the SEC's arguments during Tuesday's appeals court hearing in Grayscale's ongoing bid to convert its Grayscale...