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3 reasons why Lido DAO price jumped 40% in a week — Outperforming Bitcoin, Ethereum

LDO’s price is well-positioned to gain another 50% by June based on a classic bullish reversal setup after Lido DAO rebounds 40%.

How to stake Cardano (ADA) in a self-custodial wallet

Cardano is one of the largest layer-1 blockchains by market capitalization, but what does the DeFi ecosystem offer for staking?

Ethereum is up 15% versus Bitcoin since Shapella — More ETH price gains ahead?

Ether stakers have withdrawn $1.21 billion worth of ETH from Ethereum staking contracts since the Shapella upgrade.

Can Ethereum crack $2K? ETH price inches closer despite new unlocked supply

Ethereum staking withdrawals are gathering momentum but have not been able to cause a major sell-off as many anticipated post-Shapella upgrades.

Ethereum on-chain data forecasts the withdrawal of 1.4M ETH over the next few days

ETH price rallied as deposits briefly surged after the Shapella upgrade, but on-chain data suggests that 1.4 million ETH will be withdrawn in the short term.

Polygon’s ‘holy grail’ Ethereum-scaling zkEVM beta hits mainnet

Ethereum layer-2 scaling platform Polygon has released its zkEVM to mainnet beta, allowing developers to deploy smart contracts with increased finality and lower costs.

Breaking: Shanghai upgrade executed on testnet but not without issues

Ethereum validators are now one step away from being able to unstake their Ether from the Beacon Chain.

Meet ISPO: An innovative proof-of-stake tool for blockchain-based fundraising

This Cardano-based platform enables ADA holders to participate in Web3’s most innovative staking pools.

Ethereum Shapella upgrade gets new date, making way for un-staking ETH

The upgrade is only for the Sepolia network, with a subsequent upgrade for the Goerli network to be introduced in March.

Impact of Ethereum's Move to Proof-of-Stake ASIC Market

Today, let's learn about the impact of the merger of Ethereum on the ASIC mining machine market?

Ethereum ‘shark’ accumulation, Shanghai hard fork put $2K ETH price in play

Ethereum on-chain data reveals a considerable rise in the number of Ether shark addresses with weeks before its hard fork in March.

Lido overtakes MakerDAO and now has the highest TVL in DeFi

A Nansen in December noted that Ether staking solutions had been in high demand since Ethereum’s shift to proof-of-stake.