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IRS calls for public feedback on taxing NFTs as collectibles

Those wishing to offer feedback to the IRS on having NFTs treated as collectibles, such as coins or works of art, have until June 19 to submit comments.

Nifty News: Doodles 'no longer an NFT project,' Playboy bares all on NFT earnings and more

The NFT project doodles is looking to go beyond being an NFT project, with plans to become a "leading media franchise."

Solana NFT Marketplace Formfunction Will Shutdown – Here’s When

As part of its disclosure, Formfunction is in the process of introducing a new tool for NFTs creators to aid them in transferring NFTs from the platform.

Salesforce Web3 to help brands build trusted and scalable NFT programs

The platform promised to help companies create, manage and deploy non-fungible tokens in a trusted, scalable and sustainable way.

Meta scraps NFTs on Instagram and Facebook: Nifty Newsletter, March 8–14

Meta discontinues NFT services on Instagram and Facebook, and Binance NFT marketplace adds support for trading NFTs on the Polygon blockchain network.

CRS In Action: Web3, NFTs, AI And The Metaverse

"Web3, NFTs, AI And The Metaverse," hosted by DIGITAL MUSIC NEWS' CRO, NOAH ITMAN, on MONDAY (3/13) was an introduction to the latest technical trends being...

Absorb for adoption — How infamous 30% Apple cut affects iOS NFT apps

NFT application endures demanding fees on the Apple App store for the convenience of iOS payments and a broad user base.

Latest Pokémon News: Players furious over Shadow Raid leaks, NFT hints in equal parts

Pokémon Go players are torn over leaks suggested ticketed Shadow Raids could be coming soon, Glimmora has become a meta VGC pick, and more.

The Pokemon Company Might Be Looking into Metaverse, NFTs

The Pokemon Company International is seeking to hire someone with knowledge about NFT, the metaverse, and blockchain technology.

Beatport teams up for Polkadot for its new NFTs marketplace

Electronic-music brand Beatport is stepping up its exploration of web3 with the launch of its own NFTs marketplace.

Binance NFT adds Polygon network support to its marketplace

Only selected ERC-721 collections in the Polygon network are currently available on the Binance NFT marketplace.

MetaWin Supports Turkey Earthquake Disaster Relief Efforts with Mutant Ape NFT Prize, the Web3 competitions platform, is calling the wider Web3 community to support those affected by the devastating earthquake in Turkey. Th.