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Crypto mining in 2023 — Is it still worth it? Watch Market Talks

Join us as we discuss whether cryptocurrency mining is still worth it in 2023 and all the latest updates regarding the mining industry.

10 Best Cloud Mining Sites In 2023 - Daily Payouts

The cloud mining of Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies is one of the most profitable sources of passive income.

Bitcoin Mining And Green Energy: How Sustainable Is BTC Network Today?

The Bitcoin mining network has been gradually transitioning towards green energy. Here's how much percentage of the network is sustainable today.

Utah Firm Accused Of Fraudulent Mining Scheme, Is SEC Against Crypto Mining?

This has raised eyebrows and speculations among the crypto community on whether the SEC is now against crypto mining and has begun to targe

Marathon Digital Holdings Announces Bitcoin Production and Mining Operation Updates for February 2023 - M

Increased Hash Rate 30% by Energizing Approximately 18800 Bitcoin Miners (c. 2.2 EH/s) in February 2023 - Produced 683 BTC in February 2023 and 1370 BTC...

CleanSpark Releases February 2023 Bitcoin Mining Update

Company mines 576 bitcoin in the year's shortest month; hits new efficiency milestone of 30.6 watts per terahash...

CryptoWatch: What's The Latest on Coin's Market Value? Spotify's NFT, Illegal Crypto Mining in MA

This week saw the advancements by Spotify, but also catches an illegal operation in Massachusetts. The latest there is in the world of cryptocurrency shines...

Gaming company Square Enix collaborates with Polygon (MATIC), Litecoin’s (LTC) mining hash rate hits an all-time high while TMS Network (TMSN) is ready to rock the trading world

In this article, we will learn about the current updates regarding Polygon (MATIC), Litecoin (LTC), and TMS Network (TMSN).

Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Set To Hit An All-Time High

For much of 2022, the bear market that bitcoin (BTC) went through led to many miners on the network taking losses. Some miners had to diversify to sustain

How to mine with Geforce GTX 1060? How to optimize mining efficiency?

Geforce GTX 1060 is a high-performance graphics card launched by Nvidia. It can be used not only for games, but also for mining. This article will introduce how to use Geforce GTX 1060 to mine and how to optimize mining efficiency.

What is the firmware of the miner? How to flash the firmware for the mining machine?

The firmware of the mining machine refers to a group of programs in the mining machine, which is mainly used to control the operation and work of the mining machine hardware. It is the operating system of the mining machine and the foundation of the minin

Will miners still be able to mine in 2023? How does the miner choose?

As we all know, with the rapid development of the cryptocurrency market, more and more people begin to invest and participate in mining. However, people often worry about whether the mining machine can still mine in the future. So, let's see whether the m