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Binance and Huobi freeze $1.4M in crypto linked to North Korean hackers

The North Korean-based hacker outfit Lazarus Group resorted to different privacy mixers attempting to anonymize the stolen funds, but it didn’t work.

Binance And Huobi Seized $1.4 Million Crypto Funds Linked To North Korean Hackers

Crypto hacks and scams have become prevalent, and cryptocurrency platforms must be one step ahead to arrest the situation. In a recent report, Binance and

Visa Backed Debit Card From Huobi And Solaris Launches In EU

Visa has supported a partnership by Huobi and Solaris to allow their European users to make payments from their crypto account using Visa-backed debit cards.

Huobi Token Sees $75 Million Leave Platform In Last 24 Hours – Can HT Beat FUD?

Huobi Token (HT) appears to be in a vulnerable state as it continues to deal with the drama that is happening within the Huobi cryptocurrency exchange.

Top search|Huobi and Binance have been blocked by Baidu and Weibo

Today evening, IT Home searched Huobi, Binan and other virtual currency trading platform keywords from Baidu and Sina Weibo, but could not show the search results.

Top search|Huobi nine SINS of 5: Breaking contracts by inserting needles

Inserting needles is one of the three harvesting routines of the Huobi contract.A spike is not just a sharp rise or fall in price, but a quick rebound or correction after a rise or fall. So contract traders often appear price did not change, the position

Top line|Huobi run away? Reporter visit: They moved in March, is now a distributed office

The first half of 2021 is coming to an end. For people in the "currency circle", the half year has been "exciting". The lucky people have made a pot full of money, and the unfortunate people have lost everything.

Top search|The first fraud gang has been caught laundering money at Huobi OTC

In fact, the digital currency itself is a technological innovation that most investors do not understand, which gives scammers an opportunity to take advantage of it.

Top search|Huobi pulled out the network cable can not be traded suspected to run away

Fire currency trading platform recently frequent pull cables, it seems that money is to run, pull out the meaning of the network cable is suddenly broken network users can't deal

Top search|Under the bull market of Bitcoin, Huobi internal chaos, Li Lin ran away

In the new trend, the "can't Keep printing" Bitcoin rose another 20% in just three days. In the early hours of December 21, Bitcoin was near $24,000. This round up to the COINS into a frenzy, as a domestic head exchange

Top search|Huobi nine SINS of 9:False transactions

How real is the data on virtual currency exchanges? Let's look at two pieces of data

Top search|"Huobi" money laundering, was arrested by the police!

Police in Fangcheng have arrested a suspect who sold bank cards worth one million yuan to help an online gambling platform launder money.