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DeFi lender Tender.fi suffers exploit, white hat hacker suspected

DeFi lending platform Tender.fi sees $1.59 million of assets drained by an alleged white hat hacker taking advantage of a misconfigured oracle.

Lendhub protocol exploiters spotted shifting $3.85M into Tornado Cash

Despite the sanctions on the crypto mixing service, the bad actors behind January’s biggest exploit have deposited millions worth of funds into Tornado Cash.

French police arrest 2 people in connection to Platypus attack

The French police have arrested two suspects and seized 210,000 euros worth of crypto in connection with the Platypus exploit.

Porsche NFT trading volume nears $5M: Nifty Newsletter, Jan 25–31

Professionals working in the Web3 space shared various ways and tools that can help users prevent NFT theft.

Crypto exploit losses in January see nearly 93% year-on-year decline

Around $8.8 million was lost to crypto exploits in January, a massive decline from the figures this time last year.

Crypto tracker picks up trail of funds heisted from Harmony Bridge in June

The crypto detectives traced funds stolen by North Korean Lazarus Group through two mixers and various networks to identify 350 addresses where the funds remain today.

‘WTH did I just witness?' Magic Eden turns porno after hosting service hacked

The NFT marketplace said the issue was caused by its third-party image hosting provider and assured users their NFTs were safe.

DeFi sees exploits and exit scam drama in the last week of 2022: Finance Redefined

The last week of 2022 didn't turn out to be a good one as the industry recorded multiple exploits and an exit scam scare.

Raydium announces details of hack, proposes compensation for victims

The attacker made use of an exploit that allowed entire liquidity pools to be withdrawn as “fees.”

Nomad releases bridge relaunch guide after patching contract vulnerability

The Nomad protocol will allow users to bridge back madAssets and access a pro-rata share of recovered funds.