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DeFi lender Tender.fi suffers exploit, white hat hacker suspected

DeFi lending platform Tender.fi sees $1.59 million of assets drained by an alleged white hat hacker taking advantage of a misconfigured oracle.

Lendhub protocol exploiters spotted shifting $3.85M into Tornado Cash

Despite the sanctions on the crypto mixing service, the bad actors behind January’s biggest exploit have deposited millions worth of funds into Tornado Cash.

MyAlgo users urged to withdraw, as cause of $9.2M hack remains unknown

The Algorand wallet provider said it still hasn’t determined the cause of exploit that’s drained millions in ALGO, urging users to withdraw funds from wallets created with a seed phrase.

French police arrest 2 people in connection to Platypus attack

The French police have arrested two suspects and seized 210,000 euros worth of crypto in connection with the Platypus exploit.

How These Whitehat Hackers Helped Oasis Network Get Back $140 Million In Stolen Crypto

According to a recent announcement by Oasis Network on February 24th, the decentralized finance (DeFi) platform had collaborated with whitehat hackers to

Platypus reveals compensation plan for users' funds after attack

DeFi protocol Platypus seeks to return nearly 78% of the main pool funds by reminting frozen stablecoins.

SEC’s staking crackdown has uncertain consequences for DeFi: Finance Redefined

The DeFi market’s total value locked surpassed $50 billion for the first time in six months thanks to the bullish burst in the crypto market over the past week.

Binance and Huobi freeze $1.4M in crypto linked to North Korean hackers

The North Korean-based hacker outfit Lazarus Group resorted to different privacy mixers attempting to anonymize the stolen funds, but it didn’t work.

Binance And Huobi Seized $1.4 Million Crypto Funds Linked To North Korean Hackers

Crypto hacks and scams have become prevalent, and cryptocurrency platforms must be one step ahead to arrest the situation. In a recent report, Binance and

Crypto theft: North Korea-linked hackers stole $1.7b in 2022

Experts say the country, facing heavy sanctions, is turning to crypto theft to fund its nuclear arsenal.

Crypto exploit losses in January see nearly 93% year-on-year decline

Around $8.8 million was lost to crypto exploits in January, a massive decline from the figures this time last year.

Hackers Take Over NFT Project Azuki’s Twitter Profile, Steal Over $750K Worth Of Asset

The Twitter account of top non-fungible token (NFT) project, Azuki, was compromised on Friday, resulting in the loss of over $750,000 worth of crypto assets.