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Polygon, Immutable zkEVM to tackle ‘huge incumbents exploiting players’

Web3 gaming developers will be able to build on a new zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine that aims to increase ownership rights for players and take on the big gaming corporations.

Nifty News: Dan Harmon’s NFT show set for season 3, NFT-friendly Square Enix CEO steps down and more

Square Enix’s NFT-friendly CEO is stepping down, but it may not impact the firm’s NFT plans, and Disney-backed Baobab Studios’ first NFT drop sells out.

What is Splinterlands and how to earn money playing it

Discover the exciting world of Splinterlands, a P2E collectible card game featuring unique NFTs, strategic battles and player-driven markets.

The role of blockchain technology in games

Blockchain is a decentralized global digital ledger that can realize secure transactions and keep records. It creates a unique gaming experience for companies and players who use NFT and cryptocurrency to purchase tradable in-game assets. For example, Axi

Metacade Features the Best Play to Earn Crypto Games. Invest Now to Make A Fortune in 2023

With gaming already a $200 billion industry, it’s no surprise that it is tipped to grow dramatically over the coming years. The sector has its faults,

Logan Paul unveils $1.5M CryptoZoo recovery plan

As part of the plan, Logan Paul stated that he will commit 1,000 ETH to repay disgruntled investors that want to make an exit via burning their CryptoZoo NFTs.

NFT gaming trends in 2023: Industry execs expect more big players to jump in

From more gaming companies jumping in to the relevance of popular concepts, various industry pros shared their insights on upcoming NFT gaming trends.

OpenAI will lead to better art and narration in Web3 games — Immutable exec

Alex Connelly says the technology provides “very cool storytelling opportunities.”

Nifty News: Solana NFT trading volume, Nike RTFKT COO hacked and more

Twitch streamer and NFT project founder DNP3 admitted in a Twitter post that he gambled and lost investor funds.

How does the blockchain trigger changes in the game industry? Three ways for blockchain to transform the game industry

In recent years, the game industry has become the focus of many innovations - virtual reality (VR), augmented reality and artificial intelligence. However, the contribution and development space of the blockchain is unique, which is expected to bring grea

Nifty News: Trump’s NFTs tank, NBA star’s collection gone in 77 seconds and more...

NFT gaming is at a similar stage to the early mobile gaming days, says a Magic Eden exec, while an analyst from Dune Analytics claims that 58% of NFT trading volume this year has been wash trades.

Former Diablo Immortal devs pick ImmutableX for upcoming Web3 MMORPG

Metaverse Game Studios announces partnership with blockchain gaming platform ImmutableX to power upcoming Web3 gaming title Angelic.