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Coinbase To US SEC; Core Staking Services Are Not Securities

The United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has strictly regulated digital currencies and crypto exchanges like Coinbase. It is currently in a

Nifty News: Doodles 'no longer an NFT project,' Playboy bares all on NFT earnings and more

The NFT project doodles is looking to go beyond being an NFT project, with plans to become a "leading media franchise."

Solana Whale Deposits $10.2M To Coinbase, Cashing In On 16% Rise?

Data shows a Solana whale has deposited $10.2 million in SOL to the crypto exchange Coinbase as the asset's price has risen by 16% today.

Optimism price surges as Coinbase launches L2 network using OP tech; Polygon and Solana devs in conflict over ZK-powered L2s; TMS Network’s new platform challenges the biggest issues in crypto

Digital assets are seeing the end of the crypto winter and a return of the more prosperous times, according to recent developments and statistics. The

New Layer-2 Network May Include AML measures, Coinbase CEO Says

So, Coinbase will process every transaction on the L2 blockchain negating the claim that it will be permissionless.

Bitcoin Could See More Price Decline As Silk Road BTC Moves To Coinbase

Bitcoin once again slid below the $22,000 price level following a particularly slow start to the week. This falls in line with the previously bearish trend

Coinbase CEO Faces Backlash From Community Amid 'Crypto435' Promotion By CoinEdition

Brian Armstrong, the CEO of Coinbase (NASDAQ:COIN), with zeal, promoted “Crypto435” by sharing Coinbase's tweet. Crypto435, developed by Quorum Analytics,...

Coinbase's Brian Armstrong Joins Ripple CEO in Chastising SEC's Approach to Crypto By DailyCoin

As the SEC and other regulatory bodies step up their policing of crypto, there has been a rousing chorus demanding more legal clarity in the U.S..

Bitcoin price risks $23K rerun as Coinbase stock falls over Silvergate

Bitcoin wobbles over fresh concerns over crypto firm solvency, but BTC price performance remains stronger than Coinbase and Silvergate Bank stock.

Coinbase-Silvergate Partnership Ends, Shares Plummet 80%

Coinbase announced the end of its relationship with Silvergate. Coinbase has stated that it will no longer  receive payments trough the Silvergate

Coinbase CEO Demands A Clear Rulebook For Crypto

Coinbase CEO Demands a clear rulebook for the crypto industry after reiterating that staking services are not securities withing the SEC jurisdiction.

Anti-CBDC bill in the US, no algo stablecoins for Canada: Law Decoded, Feb. 20–27

United States Representative Tom Emmer introduced legislation in the U.S. House of Representatives that could prevent the Federal Reserve from issuing a central bank digital currency.