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Nigerian CBDC eNaira Adoption Spikes Due To Cash Shortage

Nigeria, the most populous African nation, experienced a severe cash shortage and these shortages have increased the adoption rate of its CBDC, the eNaira.

Polygon, Immutable zkEVM to tackle ‘huge incumbents exploiting players’

Web3 gaming developers will be able to build on a new zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine that aims to increase ownership rights for players and take on the big gaming corporations.

Venezuela overhauls national crypto department

A new board headed by Anabel Pereira Fernández will lead the reorganization. The new team excludes Joselit Ramirez, who led the department since its inception in 2018 but was reportedly arrested on March 17 on corruption charges.

Bitcoin Total Addresses Sees Rapid Growth, Sign Of Adoption?

On-chain data shows the total number of Bitcoin addresses has seen rapid growth recently, a sign that adoption may be accelerating.

Uniswap launches on BNB Chain ecosystem to drive growth and liquidity

After receiving the support of a significant majority of 66% of voters in February, the deployment of Uniswap Protocol v3 is now operational on BNB Chain.

Absorb for adoption — How infamous 30% Apple cut affects iOS NFT apps

NFT application endures demanding fees on the Apple App store for the convenience of iOS payments and a broad user base.

Crypto industry may escape lasting damage from Silvergate liquidation

Some foresee benefits if the U.S. finally gets sensible crypto regulation post-Silvergate, and traditional banks “may become warmer to establishing [crypto] relationships.”

Death in the metaverse: Web3 aims to offer new answers to old questions

As contemporary society continues to digitize, life in the metaverse raises the same timeless questions about what happens after death.

Nifty News: Jimmy Fallon wants exemption from BAYC trademark case

Jimmy Fallon wants out of the BAYC trademark case, while Blur is responsible for the NFT market’s three-month high.

Bitcoin Adoption To Grow 50% By 2025, This Report Claims

According to the latest report, Bitcoin adoption among merchants is expected to increase by 50% in the next three years. This result is from a survey

Jack Dorsey’s TBD launches C= to improve Bitcoin Lightning Network

C= (pronounced C equals) aims to further the reach of the Bitcoin Lightning Network through added liquidity and routing services.

Sustainability Takes Center Stage with Blockchain Adoption

As the world continues to grapple with the impacts of climate change, sustainability has become a top priority for individuals, businesses, and governments...