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Michael Novogratz, founder and chief executive of Star data, says the US is moving towards a credit crunch and is an appropriate opportunity to invest in gold, platinum and BTC.

"We are going to have a credit crunch in the United States and internationally," Novogratz told CNBC. "you want to make a flat head of gold and silver [.] And you want to do more bitcoin, "he said.

On CNBC's Squawk Box program on March 15, Novogratz stressed that financial institutions generally rebuild assets on the basis of reduced lending, which means the credit crunch Brooks no delay. He stressed that data such as commodity markets already point to the economic downturn.

American commercial banks were in turmoil that month, with silver gate financial institutions, signatory banks or Silicon Valley banks all failing in the same week. S & P downgraded its outlook for U.S. banking to "negative."

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Novogratz told the CNBC that a reversal in deposit and lending rates was possible, saying that while the Federal Reserve "wants to raise interest rates for the sake of creditworthiness", doing so would be a "significant policy error".

In addition to judging the difficult stages of life in the United States, Novogratz also expressed optimism about data encryption, saying:

"if you have bitcoin accounts and passwords, that's why they were created, because every time the pain gets more and more painful, government departments print a lot of paper money, and that's what we see."

The price of bitcoin fell somewhat after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank last week, but hit a new record of $26514.72 on March 14, according to CoinMarketCap.

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