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The Bank of Spain (BDE), the central bank of Spain, indicated that it was ready to run a pilot program to start running wholesale price central bank digital currency (CDBC) and was looking for collaboration proposals from local financial and scientific institutions.

According to a Chinese translation statement on December 5, the bank will be committed to the three key industries of the plan. The plan is committed to simulating capital operation, testing asset liquidation in the financial industry, and analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of introducing large-scale CBDC in the current process and infrastructure construction.

Wholesale CBDC refers to a kind of digital currency, which is generally used by banks to deposit risk reserves of intermediate banks, rather than retail or universal CBDC open to the society.

This project is a new "exclusive" project of BDE, which shows that it is irrelevant to the ongoing work of EU countries to explore the use of digital euros.

Stakeholders who are expected to participate in this project must meet the minimum requirements of the bank, and publish their "financial policy tools" that are more willing to serve this project as of January 31, 2023 in the application process.

BDE pointed out in the reasons for this project that the exploration of CBDC can help to clarify how CBDC can help "integrate into the requirements of the increasingly information-based society" in many aspects

It also mentioned that CBDC has been "analyzed and tested" in several jurisdictions, focusing on retail applications, but it shows that a large number of enterprises are scientifically studying CBDC with "wholesale price characteristics or inter-bank"

Brad Jones, the assistant bank president of Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA), said at the central bank meeting on December 8 that retail CBDC may lead people to completely bypass commercial service banks and is likely to replace the Australian dollar.

According to Bobby's statement, the Australian dollar eAUD CBDC test released by RBA on August 9 has been applied by more than 80 financial industry entities. However, it is emphasized that if CBDC becomes the preferred position, banks are likely to face liquidity problems.

The Bank of Thailand (BOT) is also expected to run retail CBDC demonstration sites by the end of 2022, and the interface test will be controlled at 10000 people.

Prior to this, the Bank of China launched its first e-CNY test in April 2020. At this stage, CBDC is the most widely used in the world, and it has marked transactions worth 14 billion dollars in the test phase.

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