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Nick Bankman-Fried will probably no longer be in prison, but he is still a hard-to-reach man.

The former FTXCEO is now with his parents, avoiding the cold, wet and rodent-ravaged prison in the Bahamas, where the head office of his once formidable login password swap empire was built.

Sam Bankman-Fried was detained at home. As many people already know, this is because his parents brought a ransom of $250 million so that he could stop staying in another prison and take care of him, such as deciding breakfast for him, or washing the sheets for him. and what parents do to their beloved children.

Now that he is home, it does not mean that everyone can come for a cup of coffee or chat at any time. The road leading to his parents' home has long been blocked and the wrong people are open to the public.

The appearance of large and medium-sized gray-black SUV can be seen on the side of the road, obviously to warn everyone that there is a vital person living in front and he needs to avoid.

Tiffany put it in the house.

Despite the intimidating atmosphere, how many people have already managed to enter Bankman-Fried's house to meet the login password genius child.

One of them is the charming login password journalist Tiffany Fong.

According to an article she published on Wednesday, Fang met Nick Bankman-Fried "last night". She also mentioned that at that time, she was "still in the mood of leisure vacation and visiting friends and relatives" in San Francisco.

A few days later, post-90s writer Michael Lewis called on Bankman Fried, who seems to have turned the collapse of his data encryption company into a film. According to sources, Lewis and SBF talked for several hours.

Sam Bankman-Fried: surprisingly cheerful

The well-known person with a charming login password told the New York Post that although the charges against Bankman-Fried were very serious, he remained surprisingly optimistic about the matter.

The 26-year-old bachelor, who is both single, is the first person the former FTXCEO mentioned in a public phone call next month about the life of the couple he married.

Fang said she had seen the former billionaire who is now under supervision in the library of his mansion, and his conversation was all about business, because SBF didn't seem to be interested in sharing his thoughts about the "worst-case scenario."

Insiders say the Bankman-Fried house in Palo Alto, Calif., (all by its parents) stayed late into the night.

If convicted on all charges, Sam Bankman-Fried could face up to 115 years in prison. Fang said he had expressed "deep regret" many times, so it was obvious that he felt sad about what had already happened and what had been waiting for it in the coming weeks or months.

In addition, Ban Ki-moon's administration noticed the rapid development in the password world and invited her to participate in the White House Christmas theme. In a photo of her and Joe Ban Ki-moon on Instagram, she joked that she let the US president "smell" her hair.


Photo source: Tiffany Wong Instagram

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Sam Bankman-Fried Welcomes Sexy Crypto Journalist While Under House Arrest

Sam Bankman-Fried may no longer be in prison but he's still a person that may be hard to reach.

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