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Circle, a leading stable coin publisher, launched euro coins (Euroc) on the avalanche, which means giving real estate developers and users faster and more effective payment solutions and strategic steps in financial services.

This launch is part of Circle's omni-directional multi-chain strategy for Europe, which aims to expand its coverage and structure.

By giving euros on avalanches on the Internet, Circle improves the liquidity of stable currencies, giving users the flexibility to use euro trading transactions to supplement their current stable currency backed by dollars, dollar coins (USDC).

This efficient and convenient trading of euros and dollars has created a new way to meet the different needs of users, so as to promote more people to choose financial information services based on stable currencies.

Robert Nahas, senior vice president of market development at AVA Lab, predicts that euro coins are widely used in avalanche block chains.

Nahas feels that fragmented financial (DEFI) units have moved towards an ecosystem of diversity, multi-currency and cross-border e-commerce. Euro currencies can be included and are expected to accelerate according to the financial services of stable currencies, thereby reaching a wider audience around the world.

Open cross-chain USDC transmission with the ring between avalanches in Taihe County

The move marks an important milestone as the avalanche has become the second blockchain platform for euro coins after its initial launch at Ethernet Square.

On April 26th, the research team launched a groundbreaking agreement that subverted the definition of dynamic password bridge. Unlike traditional wireless bridges that simply lock tokens to separate contracts, such new agreements ignite coins on the publisher's chain and then forge new coins on the recipient's chain.

Joao Reginatto, Senior Vice President of Circle Commodities, introduced

You have previously launched euro coins on Etherum so that anyone with an Internet connection can use the euro outside the world and in the time zone. With the launch of the avalanche, real estate developers and users can feel near real-time and more cost-effective trading transactions, creating a new probability for payment, remittance and all-day foreign exchange investment.

Circle announced that many applications on the Avalanche Internet have expressed interest in merging strong support for euro coins.

Avalanche's various decentralized equity financing (Defi) applications, including Benqi, Curve, Dexalot, GMX, traditional Chinese medicine pangolin, Shift Markets and Trader Joe, will include euro coins smoothly on his software.

This means that euro coins are becoming more and more selected and trusted in the DEFI ecosystem, as it brings additional opportunities and structures for users and real estate developers in the avalanche to use relatively stable euro coins in their capital movements.

As the DEFI situation continues to evolve and expand, this move is the first step towards unleashing a large number of exciting probabilities in such a fast-growing industry.

At this stage, the Circle manages two coins that are stable in accordance with the law, each as a digital representation of a particular currency. Dollar coins (USDC) are pegged to the US dollar and have gained a very large total market capitalization, totaling nearly US $29 billion. On the other hand, the total market capitalization of euro coins (Euroc) is relatively small, at $48 million.

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