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Binance NFT, an irreplaceable dynamic password (NFT) subsidiary of the password exchange Binance, announced that the Polygon Internet has been included in the blockchain technology it encourages in the market.

According to the announcement, the move further expanded the NFT ecosystem in the Binance community. Under a new integration, a user of the Binance NFT market can use his Binance account to buy and sell NFT on various block chains, such as Etherum, BNB Smart Chain and Polygon.

Despite the announcement, Binance has not maintained a strict attitude towards the NFT launch. In the announcement, the NFT market pays attention to that not all NFT personal collections can be used at this stage. They wrote:

At this stage, there are only Polygon's carefully selected ERC-721 NFT collections on the Binance NFT market. Binance NFT will integrate more NFT collections on time.

On January 19th, the NFT service platform tightened its listing requirements for NFT, saying it would delist NFT with a daily turnover of less than $1000. In addition, the exchange limits the total number of NFT that artists can create every day. In addition, Binance also stressed that this will check NFT listed companies on time and recommend those companies that do not comply with their delisting standards.

In addition, with artificial intelligence (AI) into the Web3 industry, Binance is also exploring AI. On March 2, BinanceCEO Zhao Changpeng announced that Bicasso, a NFT producer encouraged by artificial intelligence, had already been released and had produced 10, 000 NFT in just 2.5 hours.

Although it was a success at first, this special tool for artificial intelligence was immediately plagued by dissent. The day after Bicasso was released, a BNB chain joining the winner of the hackathon accused Binance of stealing and plagiarizing their project called "ChatCasso". The exchange refutes some of the allegations and stresses that NFT and artificial intelligence are the most common definitions. A spokesman for Binance told Cointelegraph,Bicasso to develop it on its own more than two weeks before the hackathon.

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