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Pros and Cons of Blockchain

Despite its complexity, as a decentralized record, the blockchain has few limits to its preservation potential. Blockchain technology could see applications beyond the above, from better user privacy and increased security to lower processing costs and fe

Top search|Binance is targeted by the FBI and IRS and exposed by Forbes. How long will it last?

A leaked "Tai Chi" document revealed Binance's elaborate efforts to circumvent bitcoin regulators, Forbes reported on Thursday.

Huobi at the end of the road to harvest money, it is suggested to change the name of water coin

The more volatile the market, the more can reveal the nature of the exchange, is to stable development for users to consider, or harvest leves to make big money fast money, Huobi trading platform is obviously the latter, in order to make money at all mean

Top line|The MEXC Exchange has announced that it will stop operating on the Chinese mainland

In the early morning of October 10, MEXC Exchange announced that in response to the requirements of local regulatory policies, it had suspended the registration of users in mainland China from September 28

Top search|Binance chain SHIBT was found to be the new PI Xiu pan hoax!! Don't buy it

Recently found in the bien chain SHIBT is the new PI xiu pan hoax.

Top search|Binance has been ordered to stop doing business in Japan

If Binance does not stop its trading, Japan's Financial Services Agency will work with the police to bring criminal charges.

Top search|India froze about $55 million in assets of Binance's local subsidiary WazirX

Home of IT, Aug 5 (Reuters) - India's financial crime fighting Agency said on Friday it had frozen the assets of WazirX, owned by Binance, the world's largest digital currency exchange, as part of its investigation into alleged violations of foreign excha

Top search|The MXC exchange is heading for a crash

Today, the exchange MXC is started by relying on pyramid selling, hyped some air coins, some even 100 times, attracted a large number of pyramid selling molecules to join, now squeezed into the second line, but it is still set again and again.

Top line|Huobi: The network cable has been pulled out, the door welded dead, the explosion is you!!

Before, many article said, coins are experiencing a wave of big bull market, believe that most people earn money, don't touch the contracts, with the spot, it is not a problem to make a few times

Top search|BSC chain reblasts: MetaSwap runs away with 20 million

Today's top news in the circle: the BSC chain has another explosive project - MetaSwap run away.