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In this week's market analysis report, respected presenter Joe Hall and discerning professional Nick Bulji were unable to participate in the tragedy, but don't worry, because Marcel Pechman is here to discuss why he thinks the price of BTC has also risen in the event of a bank failure.

We can start with the first paper this week:

UBS allows a $3.25 billion "emergency bailout" for Credit Suisse

UBS allowed $3.25 billion to recover its ailing competitor Credit Suisse on March 19th as part of an "emergency decree" to avoid unrest in the financial system. To complete the deal, the German and Swiss government allowed changes to the country's requirements, bypassing the company's shareholder network vote, and announcing the deal on Sunday before the opening of new homes in the sales market. Is this really illegal? After that, will Germany and Switzerland have a reputation for safer financial markets? Pechman has a lot to say about this and solved the problem with Credit Suisse's bond investors, so watch all the short videos, because you don't want to miss its judgment.

Investors have taken emergency precautions in short-term US debt, reducing the opportunity for Bitcoin to rebound to $30,000.

The price of bitcoin rose by $28000 on march 21st, but traders were not particularly jubilant after rising 36% in eight days, according to two derivatives indicators. Apart from the excellent performance of Bitcoin, there are some reasons why investors are not confident enough about the further rise in the price of Bitcoin. The recent qflp of Credit Suisse, the 167th-year-old German financial leader, confirmed that the current woes of the world's commercial banks are probably not over yet. Pechman explained why the price of Bitcoin is likely to fall short of $30,000.

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