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The development of blockchain technology and the increasing use of unchangeable dynamic passwords (NFT) are two factors that promote the proliferation of play-and-win personal favorite games. Playing profit-making (P2E) games allows players to gain benefits by participating in the game, such as money and objects in the game.

This creates a new dynamic in which players can profit from the posture of these people in the game and improve the pleasure and purpose of the game. In addition, NFT and blockchain apps add more rights to use and scarce resources for players in play-and-win games, which increases requirements and may result in higher prices for exclusive agents in-game products. As a result, games like Splinterland have attracted more players and investors.

This article will describe the special features of Splinterland, how to play it, how to make money on Splinterland, and the future prospects of playing NFT poker games for free.

What does it mean to disintegrate the mainland?

Splinterland is a fragmented, distributed ledger game based on the Steem block chain. Splinterland develops, designs and maintains the leadership team of its CEO and founder Jonathan Barnard. The team is headquartered abroad and focuses on games and community development and growth.

There are many different cards in this game, each with a special professional skill. There are two types of cards for disintegrating the mainland: summoner monsters, which can be found in the disintegrating continental thruster library.

Unique digital cards stored on the blockchain need to be purchased, collected, and traded by players in combat. In a wonderful turn-themed game, players can use their own collection of playing cards to build the main deck and fight other players. In addition, this game also sets up the Open system software, in which players can compete for awards and gifts.

Cards and things in the game can be purchased in Splinterland using STEEM cryptocurrency, the game's local dynamic password, Black Energy Crystal (DEC), obtained or purchased according to the game and used as in-game credit currency.

How does Springland work?

The blockchain application is supported by the data personal collection card game Splinterland, which uses NFT to describe its in-game property, including cards, game items, and other virtual assets. As a result, the right to use the game's transaction cards is carried out in real time on a distributed system ledger, enhancing their transparency and safety.

Players can get the card by buying it in the game, opening the thruster pack, or getting a card during the game. Fire, water, earth, dragon, life and death, also known as fragments, are the six spell drivers of the disintegrating zone. There is a wonderful microbe with different characteristics and strength on each card. Players can use this card to build a card deck that they can compete with other players in the market.

In Splinterland, the combination of development strategies and opportunities creates the way games are played. Each player uses Magic Crystal to release mana and summon microbes, which can be used to attack and defend his opponent.

Each game is different and unpredictable because it is determined by a system and a series of independent decisions. According to winning and participating in the competition, players can get rewards in the form of in-game coins and mobile phone cards.

Players can get rewards in addition to leisure and competitive games by holding daily goals and events and holding specific cards. The market is another role in which players can trade playing cards. All in all, Splinterland is an interesting game that gives players a sense of belonging and replayability.

What does STEEM do?

STEEM is the local cryptocurrency of the Steem blockchain-Steem blockchain is a fragmented social platform that rewards users for creating and managing workflows. Users who create, plan, and evaluate videos will receive STEEM rewards in the Steem block chain, which applies a consensus way of proving interests.

Users can also receive additional rewards through Steem Power, a dynamic password that allows users to gain greater visibility on the Internet and share the rewards given to creators. Users can also get Steem Dolders, a stable loan currency associated with meta-use value. In addition, players can use STEEM to purchase objects in the Splinterland game and other products and services in the Steem block chain.

How to play "split the mainland" in the game?

The process of playing Splinterland includes the following processes:

  • Create an account: you need to sign up for a Steem account if you want to play Splinterland;. Users can do this by applying for registration on Steemit, a service platform that enables people to create accounts and participate in blockchains.
  • Purchase cards: after setting up an account, you can use STEEM to buy cards from stores in the game. Users can also get cards by participating in a series of activities such as the Open.
  • Create a deck of cards: after obtaining a set of cards, users can choose the cards they want to use in battle. It is very important to choose the balance of cards that work well, because each card has a different set of abilities and characteristics.
  • Combat: the user can start fighting with other players after his deck is prepared in advance. The battle generated on the virtual battlefield has been the carrier since. Because each card has different abilities and characteristics, it is very important to implement strategies to outsmart the enemy.
  • Open tournament and tournament: Splinterland has held a number of ongoing open tournaments and events. Players can improve their ratings and receive rewards by participating in such activities.
  • Monster cards: players can update demon cards in the mainland by applying potions and using them in combat. The higher the level of a person's monster card, the stronger its legal effect.

Users can download games from the official website and play them on their PC and mobile terminals. Although the game is free, players can use cryptocurrency to buy items and cards in the game.

How to make money in Splinterland?

Splinterland has many ways to make money. Some of these methods include:

  • Participate in and win the Open: players can sign up for the Open and receive a red packet reward.
  • Selling cards: players can also trade cards on the secondary market, such as on the Splinterland website or other online markets.
  • Build and sell customized card design: players can create personalized customization for the card and sell it to other players.
  • Lease card: players can charge to lease their powerful cards to players.
  • Bargaining chips: the player can bet on his dynamic password to help protect the network and profit from his transaction.

However, the most important thing to note is that the use value of assets in the game may rise and fall, and there is no guarantee that you will make money while playing the game Splinterland. In other words, users should carry out their own exploration from beginning to end, and invest that they can afford to lose.

How can I buy STEEM cryptocurrency?

STEEM can also be purchased at cryptocurrency trading centers such as Binance, Huobi Global, Upbit and Bittrex. In addition, decentralized swaps (DEX) like Steem Engine and Steem Dex allow users to buy STEEM.

In addition, the most important thing to know is that some trading centers may not be able to use currency in circulation to purchase STEEM, but instead require the use of cryptocurrencies such as BTC (BTC) or ETH to make purchases.

The following belongs to the general process of purchasing STEEM cryptocurrency:

  • First, the user must create an account in the cryptocurrency trading center that supports the purchase of STEEM, such as Binance, Huobi Global, Upbit, and Bittrex.
  • Next, they must verify their identity by providing personal information and identity documents. This is also the requirement that most trading centers follow the laws and regulations of compliance management and mining customers.
  • Once the user's account has been verified, he needs to add the payment method. This can usually be achieved by connecting a bank account or a bank credit card / savings card. Some trading centers also allow users to store cryptocurrencies such as BTC or ETH to buy STEEM.
  • Once users add a payment method, they can place an order for STEEM. We can generally choose between this market order information and a restricted order. The former will purchase STEEM at the current market price, and the latter allows them to set a specific price for purchasing STEEM.
  • After filling in the order, STEEM will be credited to the user's Exchange account. They can then get the STEEM to support their storage wallets.

However, some trading centres are likely to be different from the above process; therefore, it is important that scientific research trading centres have distinctive instructions and costs before registering to make any transactions.

What is the coin made in Springland?

In the context of Splinterland, coin making is the whole process of creating more cards and importing them into the game. The following is a brief description of this process:

  • Users must first buy an Elemental Master Card, a bank card that can set up a mobile phone card. This can be obtained through games and can be purchased in the Splinterland market.
  • Users with a summoner can use these to create a new card. This is accomplished by the Elemental Master "beckoning" new cards. Each elemental division has a set of special rules that require how many cards can be forged and how often.
  • Players can add created cards to our personal collection for games, or use Elementalists to build and sell them in the market.

However, the game and market of Splinterland are constantly evolving; as a result, the method of making mobile phone cards may change. Users should check the Splinterland website or community from beginning to end to get the latest news.

Is it worth investing in Springland?

Since its launch in 2019, the game's popularity and poker value have been growing, and players and collectors have basically grown rapidly. In addition, like all other investments, determining the project investment Splinterland depends on the current market situation and the main performance of the project.

Many elements, including game updates and the overall development trend of games and cryptocurrency units, will seriously affect the value of playing cards and the popularity of the game. However, there are risks in buying all cryptocurrencies, including Splinterland, so before buying, you need to do your own exploration and carefully assess his risk tolerance.

The future development of P2E personal collection card games

The future of play-and-earn personal collection card games has not yet been determined, but it is estimated that they may be popular again. This game gives players the stimulation of creating and collecting unique virtual cards, and is expected to gain real-world use value from the objects in the game.

Playing a profitable game may also be seen as a project investment, and players can also get meaningful items in the game and then sell them in exchange for white money. In addition, the development of blockchain technology is likely to open the door for high safety, more transparent color games, and the probability of interoperability among various games.

However, external factors, such as players' interests, competition and regulatory environment from other game genres, will affect the performance of personal collection card games that are played and earned. Therefore, before making a decision, it is necessary to test the market prospects and the development of new technologies.

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