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The decentralized trading center Uniswap officially launched BNB Chain, which is also the blockchain intelligent contract blockchain technology launched by Binance.

In February this year, the network voting of more than 55 million UniSwp (UNI) dynamic password holders applied to 0x plasma laboratory clearly put forward a proposal to deploy Uniswap v3 governance on the BNB chain, which was successfully completed.

Often explicitly put forward this proposal, because Uniswap must expand its coverage area, and is likely to promote further rapid growth of Defi selection.

Prior to this, in the temperature check network vote, the jumper was rated as a specific wireless bridge on the BNB chain. Temperature check is a whole process, the purpose is to determine whether there is sufficient intention to get out of trouble.

According to the announcement, the expansion to the BNB chain franchise has brought many advantages, including increased traffic, lower fees and access to new physical and geographical sales markets.

The announcement also mentioned that switching to the BNB chain will improve the level of service provided by the Uniswap agreement to all customers in the Web3 interior space, and means a step towards improving the universality and liquidity of customers.

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This move means that Uniswap agreement users will be able to use BNB Chain's ecosystem to trade and exchange dynamic passwords on the network. This integration also enables Uniswap to take advantage of the liquidity pool of BNB Chain's decentralized financial (Defi) real estate street and enhance the awareness and choice of investors and investors.

According to the announcement, this announcement meets the needs of the Defi industry for better accessibility and cross-block chain technology compatibility model. It is expected that this launch will further promote the improvement of Uniswap and BNB chains.

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