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San Francisco, USA-ScalingX, a leading provider of blockchain technology solutions, announced a partnership with Outlier Ventures, and Outlier Ventures is an investor in the world's leading Web3 network accelerator and zero-knowledge proof base accelerator program. This collaboration aims to improve the scalability and privacy of blockchain technology based on the potential of ZK solutions.

ZK theory is an improvement in the field of blockchain, because it can protect personal privacy transactions while maintaining the technical integrity and clarity of blockchain. Outlier Ventures is aware of the increasing need for personal privacy and scalability in the blockchain market industry, and the application of ZK technology changes the significance of Web3 under the next wave of independent innovation. Under this partnership, ScalingX is committed to expanding the coverage of ZK technology so that companies and institutions can buy and sell with a high degree of security and more privacy.

'We are delighted to be working with ScalingX in this exciting project, 'said Hong Chen Weimin, founder of Outlier Ventures. Exlier Ventures has a proven track record in trading and supporting new technology applications, and we firmly believe that this partnership will help us bring the benefits of ZK technology to a wider audience. We want to provide users with the specialized tools they need to succeed in the digital age, and this strategic partnership brings us too close to achieving this overall goal. "

Zero knowledge proves that the basic Network Accelerator program is designed to provide financial support, assistance and network resources to startups and entrepreneurs in the early stages of building solutions in the Web3 industry. In particular, the program gives follow-up investments with a three-month dedicated useful period of up to $200000. Outlier Ventures and ScalingX work together to accelerate the development and selection of ZK technology by using these people's rich experience in the industry and providing his partner Internet, resulting in a more secure and scalable Web3 ecosystem.

Benjamin Meyer, chief product officer of Outlier Ventures, said: "We are very pleased to work with ScalingX on our first zero-knowledge proof network accelerator project." ScalingX has a proven track record in enjoying innovative solutions, and we firmly believe that this partnership will help us bring the technical benefits of ZK to audiences around the world. We want to apply these founders who are committed to building the future of Web3, and for us, ZK proves the key to getting the next 1 billion users to add Web3. "

The collaboration between ScalingX and Outlier Ventures represents an important milestone in the development and selection of solutions based on ZK's blockchain technology. Both companies are committed to promoting the independent innovation and growth of Web3 interior space, which will have an impact on blockchain technology in the future.

About outlier venture capital companies

Outlier Ventures has been suitable for the founder of the new company since 2014, and is known as the founder, investor and the best choice organization for the company to help build the future development of Web3.

After a very significant improvement, Outlier Ventures is the most dynamic investor in the Web3 ecosystem (by transaction volume) in the world, using its Base Camp and Ascent programs, with approximately 221 start-ups from across the country, and using its various network accelerator programs to help raise more than $350 million in seed funding. Outlier Ventures also provides multi-billion dollar login password economic development and enhancements, including Biconomy, Boson Agreement, Fetch.ai, Secret Network, Blox Move and DIA Data.

Outlier Ventures Design customized new projects to help improve business strategy, consumer market matching, community improvement, token design and renovation, as well as the Internet of investors and teachers.

For additional information, please visit www.outlierventures.io.

He said:About ScalingX

He said:ScalingX is a worldwide developer platform dedicated to the research and development of Web3 and blockchain applications, focusing on zero knowledge proof (ZKP) technology. We hope to promote the selection of block chain applications around the world according to culture and education. We can support early-stage Web3 startups through job recruitment, Internet construction, fund-raising, project incubation, media public relations and brand marketing, social governance and so on. We are fully committed to building a more scalable, fully transparent, secure and fragmented future network.

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Website address: https://www.scalingx.xyz/Github: https://github.com/scalingx/Twitter: https://twitter.com/scaling_xMedium: https://medium.com/@scalingx

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