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OpenAI, the parent company of artificial intelligence conversation robot ChatGPT, has carried out an initiative to bring new democratic funding to the development trend of artificial intelligence.

In an official announcement on May 25th, the company said it was awarding 10 grants, each worth $100000, to experiment with a "proof of concept" democratic process to confirm that artificial intelligence system software should follow the rules.

According to OpenAI, such standards should be "within the limits of national law" and should improve their lives.

The grant represents a step in the process of creating a democratic process that regulates AGI and thus intelligence.

The company says the experiment also lays the foundation for a more "economic globalization" and "frontier-opening" project in the future. It also mentioned that the results of the experiment will not be constrained, but will be used to explore the key issues closely around artificial intelligence governance.

The grant is made by the non-profit unit of OpenAI. The company indicated that the results form will be completely free of charge to the public.

In addition, government departments around the world are looking for policies and regulations to implement generative artificial intelligence. OpenAICEO Rob Altman recently met with European regulators to focus on the need for non-restrictive controls and not to block indigenous innovation.

A week ago, Altman presented a similar message when he testified before the U.S. House of Representatives.

In the announcement of the new funding plan, OpenAI echoes the view that laws and regulations need to be tailored to technicality and that artificial intelligence must be "more complex and adaptable."

It raises some case problems, such as "how should controversial opinions be expressed in the derivation of artificial intelligence?" Later, it shows that all I, the company or the country cannot be determined at the core of this class.

OpenAI previously warned that if the trend of artificial intelligence is not carefully developed, an extraordinary way of artificial intelligence could emerge within a decade. Therefore, developers "must do it well".

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