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On May 22nd, GameFi's new project Gala Games announced PokerGO collaboration, a poker online video platform in Las Vega, to launch a new Web3 social media poker mobile game. In addition to getting real-world gifts, a consumer named PokerGO Play will also have the ability to improve and optimize his gamers. PokerGO plans to carry out public beta testing in June, and the detailed version will be officially launched later.

In May 2022, PokerGO released 1326 Genesis Unexchangeable tokens (NFT) combinations, meaning Texas Hold'em is the first-hand composition of all possibilities. The cumulative turnover of this series is about 52 ETH, and the cost price is 0.1ETH. At that time, the treatment of NFT holders included, but was not limited to, "good opportunities for cash, memorabilia and products when their little hands appeared at the moment of victory." As part of the May 22 instructions, the real estate developer wrote:

PokerGO Genesis NFT holders will benefit from the game and each other plans to hold special events in the PokerGO work room in Las Vegas.

Gala is a series of real estate developers based on etheric play-and-earn blockchain games. On May 18, Gala real estate developers announced that more than 21 billion Gala (Gala) dynamic passwords had been damaged after the agreement v2 airdrop, worth about $640 million. In December 2021, Virtue Gaming, a decentralized ethernet online poker service platform, launched a data poker casino using digital currency and online gambling. The website has won strong support from the global poker open champion and poker celebrity Glenn Ivy.

In November 2022, the Gala Games dynamic password Bridge was exploited through an endless coin glitch that may have sucked $4.5 million out of its working capital pool. At this stage, a $28 million lawsuit is under way with PNetwork, the interlink highway bridge used by Gala Games on BNB Smart Chain, mainly because the latter is suspected of being involved in the incident.

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