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Aztec, the privacy-facing blockchain service platform, is about to shut down Aztec Connect, which is also the personal privacy infrastructure of the Internet, as the Ethernet encryption layer.

Aztec Network has officially announced that it will shut down Aztec Connect and plans to ban the use of front-end Aztec Connect savings such as zk.Money and zkpay.Finance on March 17.

According to an online article by Aztec, users will be able to get assets from Aztec Connect for free within a year. Aztec advised customers to withdraw as soon as possible. "although withdrawals have always been possible, withdrawals will become more and more complicated after March 21, 2024," he said. " The announcement stressed that since its launch in July 2022, Aztec Connect has already mastered more than 100000 users.

From March 2024, Aztec will not operate the sequencer, which means that the settlement of Aztec Connect transaction aggregates will not be published automatically at this stage. "the contract management authority will be given up, and all inductive functions will be terminated," the notice wrote.

Because Aztec has thoroughly opened up the entire Aztec Connect agreement, the enterprise encourages the Aztec community to develop, design, deploy and run new versions of the system software. "people want to see an independent Aztec connection and are ready to provide them with assets," Aztec said. "

According to the announcement, the shutdown of Aztec Connect represents a milestone in the development of block chain technology universal encryption block chain. Before the release of Aztec Connect in July 2022, Aztec was the first to experiment with ZK-Rollup in Aztec 1, a product that was "slow, inefficient and relatively expensive" and limited to "basically private connections".

Aztec stresses that the scientific research carried out by Aztec Connect will be effective for the development and design of the next generation block chain, and is particularly important for the development and design of the next generation block chain, providing support for thoroughly programmable encryption induction, adding:

There is no doubt that Aztec Connect is the main stepping stone to the ultimate goal. This is the time when we are fully committed to this goal: a decentralized universal encrypted block chain.

After shutting down Aztec Connect, Aztec plans to develop and design a generic zero-knowledge thinking and language next-generation encrypted block chain called Noir.

The news came as Consensys was about to release its zero-knowledge Ethernet VM virtual machine volume on the public testing website on march 28th. This release will go through more than four years of scientific research, and it is possible to complete faster buying and selling, higher freight volume and better security for clearing etheric blockchain.

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