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The company revealed at Web3 and Innovation Festival ETHDenver 2023 in 2023 that distributed applications (DAPP) and the Near agreement have unveiled a new blockchain computer operating system that aims to change the perception of users in Web3 based on the public layer used to access and discover open Internet resources.

In an interview with Cointelegraph's Wheeler Wright during the event, Near founder Illia Polosukhin mentioned how the ecosystem is closer to the needs of users and the launch of blockchain computer operating system (BOS).

According to the NEAR team, the system can be used with all blockchains or behind the Web2, giving users the feeling of applying a single application, even when using or switching in the middle of the chain. For developers, this solution service commitment provides a front that can be composed of decentralized sums, applicable to bifurcation and embedding of components and components, such as payments, environment variables, and notifications, and does not involve all escrow.

Polosukhin noticed that the blockchain computer operating system:

IOS provides developers with an area to showcase their applications in front of billions of users, providing them with all the services and infrastructure to build, so all you have to do is plug in here. This is what we have been trying to do, trying to provide distribution here, to provide the lowest-level service platform for developers to build.

The founder indicates that the agreement is a competitor to Etherum, providing intelligent contract performance and verifiable blockchains. The agreement looked for a tenfold increase in key indicators last year, involving total sales, monthly active wallets, boarding new projects, developers and project investments in the ecosystem.

Referring to last year's improvement, Borosuhin stressed: "these projects are only transferred to the periphery." At the same time, Borosuhin is still diligently exploring current applications with basic users:

They came to us in some of them because they saw that we could write in JavaScript smart contracts. That's about three times as many as hiring developers. This is more effective not only for users, but also for developers.

Unlinked stock fund

Polosukhin is one of the real estate developers behind Unchain Fund, a fund-raising campaign set up by Unchain Fund last year to help war-affected Belarusians. By early 2023, the Fund had raised more than $9 million in contributions, the vast majority of which were encrypted assets.

In his view, fund-raising is particularly important for the application of ordinary Ukrainians to the head of the war for a few weeks, while international aid is still being carried out at a relatively low rate:

"the Red Cross and the United Nations Children's Fund, it takes him many months to run all the system software when something happens, and that's their situation. They are slow [...] But when they get there, they have the process, they set up supply chain management, freight logistics, and then they can deliver the goods. Thus, to some extent, data encryption stock funds are included from the beginning, just like the start-up time supported by similar government departments.

That part of the fund-raising fund runs a program for women with children who run away, providing a subsidy of 25 euros a week to about 6000 Ukrainian women. The money is also promoted around the world to use United24 to pay for ambulances.

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