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The contrast between Bitcoin and gold is becoming more and more lifelike.

Although the sudden collapse of FTX, the cryptocurrency trading center, left a bad smell among many investors, Marco Cuban has not given up data encryption.

The billionaire also reviled gold speculators, a clear sign of his strong support for Bitcoin.

In a blog show hosted by comedian Myers Mach on Monday, Dallas Mavericks, the boss of the NBA football team, presented his views on gold and bitcoin.

Cuban shows that Bitcoin is a very good project investment and expects a further reduction in price, so he is sure to buy a lot of Bitcoin.

Maher also said he dislikes bitcoin and has a strong belief in the value of gold.

As of this writing, Bitcoin traded at $16857, up 0.6 per cent over the past seven days, according to Coingecko. In terms of market capitalization, the world's largest login password has now shrunk by more than 60%.

Do you have anything in silver? After that, Cuban said you were...

In response to Mach's affirmation that he firmly believes in the value of such yellow metals, Cuban said:

"do you understand? If you have gold, you are as foolish as fmurk.

Since the beginning of this year, the face value of other key cryptocurrencies has shrunk significantly. The use value of Etherum and Cardano plummeted by about 70 per cent and 80 per cent, respectively.

Cuban stressed on Twitter last month that he still participates in data encryption because she believes in smart contracts, which is one of the key basic technologies for completing data encryption transactions.

The blog host went on to declare that gold is "a special tool for hedging all risks in trading" and "never fades".

Cuban replied:

"No, but it's not a hedging trade, is it? This is stored value, and you do not have physical gold, you … Is it? Gold is stored value, Bitcoin is stored value.

Cuban tweeted last month that the value of tokens lies in what they do if they are used, and the effect of the app on customers.

Bitcoin VS. Gold: market capitalization

The market value of all new data encryption products has soared from about $1 billion in 2013 to $115 million in November 2021, reflecting not only the increase in prices in 2013, but also the increase in the total number of coins created.

So far, the total market value of the login password has dropped to $772 billion. According to TradingView, Bitcoin has a market capitalization of $322 billion.

The market value of gold has soared from about $800m to about $1.2 billion over the same period, according to In Gold We Trust.

Cuban, who has made a lot of suggestions on cryptocurrencies in the past, made it clear earlier that the collapse of FTX does not mean the failure of Crypto, and Rob Bankman-fried, the former CEO of FTX, should worry about long-term imprisonment.

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