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UAE Internet Technology City, December 12, 2022 - LBank Exchange, the world's data asset trading platform, will be listed on Human Token (HMT) on December 15, 2022. For all customers of LBank Exchange, HMT/USDT trading pairs will be opened to the public at 13:00 UTC on February 15, 2022.

The Human Protocol has opened a new era with development potential for human workers and enterprises. It supports the creation of a decentralized and automated employment environment. Its original ecological token HUMAN token (HMT) will be sold at the LBank Exchange at 13:00 UTC on December 15, 2022, to further expand its worldwide popularity and help it realize its vision.

Introduction to the Human Protocol

The human protocol promotes the identification, evaluation and reward of achievements, whether by clicking on the SMS verification code, authenticating DeFi's price feedback, writing customer reviews or news articles. Human protocol identification can be used in many types of work. It is a very flexible means to enable all new projects to work with and equipment requirements, and provide automation technology infrastructure construction for third-party tools to certify work efficiency, and make payments through several chains.

The Human Router Protocol ("HUMAN-RP") is a new blockchain technology harmony layer, which is used to negotiate protocols between multiple parties according to human protocols. Important roles include network operators' discovery, cost agreement, consensus work requirements, marker peg/price reduction and application of their management methods, and realization of seamless network upgrading based on consensus. A new layer depends on the human dynamic password ("HMT") to support this feature. HUMAN-RP is designed to operate on each layer of the network, so that people who act as individuals can choose the best Internet according to their requirements.

The human protocol was first applied to the daily tasks of the data hall, opening a new era with development potential for the artificial intelligence industry. Human application software is the first portal for workers to handle work for HMT. This is also the beginning of human work: the untrustworthy global human resource market enables workers to be closer to the benefits of their work, and grants experts the right to produce equipment that can provide services for mankind.

All new projects can browse a large number of work tools and mark daily tasks according to HUMAN Protocol. This is an open source product with theout market barriers. Reducing time, cost and improving the quality of the logo can greatly improve the ML field.

At this stage, the protocol is applicable to image annotation according to hCaptcha, and CVAT (semi-automatic image and video annotation), Audino (audio annotation) and SLEAP are being integrated. Artificial intelligence technology, a means originated from the Salk Institute of Biology. Because the protocol has special coordination ability, it can be applied to all vertical directions, such as short video, audio video and text.

But data information annotation is only a gradual process. Free fees have been awarded to nine new projects, with various application examples. Human open source projects have been trying to apply many other applications and use cases.

About HMT dynamic password

Human dynamic password (HMT) is a primitive dynamic password of human protocol, which is used to support processing methods in intelligent work and reward employees for their contributions. HUMAN-RP grants remediation and pledge rights to HMT holders. Whoever determines the HMT has the right to vote on one of the router protocols. Locking tokens can also reduce gas costs or collateral conversion costs. Finally, if HMT is used instead of other collateral, a discount system can be introduced to reduce costs.

According to ERC-20, HMT supplied a total of 1 billion (i.e. 1000000000) tokens, of which 23.4% were used for pre purchase, 3.7% for selection, 22.4% for strategic partners, 7.5% for elite teams, 9.6% for CoinList, 10.2% for allocation of green ecological stock funds, 1% for issuance, 19.8% for operating stock funds, and 2.5% for consultants.

HMT tokens will be sold on LBank Exchange at 13:00 UTC on December 15, 2022. At that time, investors interested in human protocol project investment can also easily trade HMT tokens on LBank Exchange. The sale of HMT tokens on the LBank Exchange will undoubtedly help it further expand its business process and attract more attention in the market.

Master other information about relevant HMT dynamic passwords:

Official website: https://humanprotocol.org/

Message: https://t.me/humanprotocol_official

Discord: https://discord.gg/x2Qcshd7hE

Tweets: https://twitter.com/human_protocol

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