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Lawyers for class action say Armstrong and others who harmed login passwords exchanged FTX on suspicion of marketing and promotion, and threatened them several times.

Lawyers for the class action lawsuit said in a court filing with a California district court on March 20 that Armstrong began harassing lawyers with "endless cell phones, articles and emails" and their "publicly humiliating and threatening posts on Twitter, YouTube and other social platforms" after filing the lawsuit on March 15.

Armstrong is one of several so-called "FTX influencers" nominated in the lawsuit, who are accused of "promoting FTX login password fraud without any published compensation" and demanding $1 billion in compensation.

The document claimed that Armstrong "sometimes made up to 21 calls within 45 minutes" and left a "all-vulgar" voicemail, which was "professional" for lawyers.

The document further claimed that the video voice email also had a warning to Glover Moskowitz, one of the lawyers in the class action. Armstrong is said to have told Moskowitz in one of the warnings, "We are going to keep the first Amendment Charlie Hebdo around this house throughout the day."

The lawyers claimed that another voicemail told them that "the 'address' of this kind of lawyer has been widely circulated on Reddit."

In a notice for Cointelegraph, Armstrong said, "I never called him." he "mentioned them on Twitter and sent him a lot of emails."

Armstrong added: "We will take away the reasonable and legitimate business license of Glover Moskowitz."

"it's my own responsibility to embarrass him. Its legal and regulatory elite team lacks financial due diligence, which is also frightening. He will get what they sew.

The document also mentions a video Armstrong posted on YouTube on March 16. The document claimed that the video was aimed at lawyers and those who bought the litigants and reportedly warned them that Armstrong had "gone all out to attack them."

Lawyers accused Armstrong of encouraging "others to add siege".

In another reported message to Moskowitz, which prompted the government to report, Armstrong warned lawyers that "such people are terrible" and could lead to "shootings of you and your family".

The document also shared an email that Armstrong uploaded to Moskowitz, calling him a "green tea bitch" and an "amazing fool," before Armstrong said he "never improved FTX" and told Moskowitz "I want a green tea bitch to appeal."

The court documents also said that this is not the first time Armstrong has raised a "threat objection" after mentioning and withdrawing a libel suit against YouTube content producer Junior Erling Menghoel Jr, which is nicknamed "Atozy".

Armstrong filed a lawsuit against Monshur in August 2022 in response to a video released by YouTuber in November 2021 entitled "this YouTube cheats his fans …" In which he accused Armstrong of selling products and property to people unfaithfully for his own benefit.

A few weeks later, Armstrong revealed in the studio that after Monshur defended himself and raised more than $200,000 in less than 24 hours, he chose to drop the charges and claimed that "Atozi won."

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