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The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has expressed its acceptance of the login password and blockchain market industry after including several executives in this field on its New Technology Advisory Committee (TAC).

Agatha Goldsmith Romero, the CFTC committee and TAC advertiser, announced the list of people after the system was reinstalled in a statement on March 13th, and the inaugural meeting of the new committee is scheduled for March 22nd.

TAC was founded in 1999 to help CFTC "identify the impact and impact of technological innovation on financial information services and markets".

The announcement said: "TAC may tell the CSRC to consider issues related to high and new technology to support its mission of ensuring the consistency of derivatives and commodity markets and achieving other overall objectives of collective interests."

The TAC also has the potential to make recommendations on technology investment to "apply the EU National Commission to implement its supervision and inspection obligations".

Carol Sweet, a former senior White House official, will chair the committee, and Alibaba Redbaud, head of laws, regulations and government affairs at TRM Lab, a blockchain technical information company, will serve as deputy secretary.

Other people related to login passwords include Emin G ü n Sirer, founder and CEO of AVA Labs, Corey Then, Senior Vice President of current policies worldwide at Circle, Michael Shaulov, Co-founder and CEO of FireBlock, Adam Zarazinski, CEO of Inca Digital, and Dan Guid, Co-founder of blockchain Technology Certified Public accountant Trail of Bits.

In addition to data encryption, executives from large companies such as IBM, Amazon platform, Chicago Mercantile Exchange Group and Chicago options Exchange International Market are also included in the TAC. There are also many experts and professors from university law schools such as the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Michigan.

As part of the presentation, Goldsmith Romero elaborated on the need to work with a member of private enterprise technology and other organizations to monitor and maintain the spot / futures market for commodities:

"in order to protect our sales market from increasingly complex hacker attacks and to ensure that digital currencies are developed and designed responsibly in a way that protects customers, to ensure that people have an in-depth understanding of the impact of artificial intelligence and cutting-edge technology, the EU National Commission must have the advice of senior experts."

"such authoritative experts can provide us with basic knowledge of the technology, as well as its complex and intriguing impact on financial markets," she added.

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CFTC's co-operation model appears to be very different from that of other US institutions, such as the Stock and Exchange Commission (Securities And Exchange Commission), which is known to be indifferent to data encryption companies.

Executives such as Coinbase CEO Bobby Armstrong, Kraken co-founder Jesse Jerome and Custodia Bank CEO Caitlin have been talking about trying to work actively with SEC and locals in recent years.

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