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A new feature in NFTrade, the unreplaceable token marketplace, allows collectors to buy items online on one and pay on the other at the same time. According to a statement on May 23rd, this function is integrated with the cross-chain information protocol Rarimo.

Cross-chain procurement with NFTrade on ethernet, multilateral cooperation, avalanche and BNB chain. For example, if customers want to buy something on an avalanche, they can pay with any of the other three networks. The agreement automatically exchanges the buyer's dynamic password in the push chain with the dynamic password in the chain that the seller wants, which in turn allows payment to the seller and releases the NFT to the buyer. The announcement shows that the whole process should be carried out in a decentralized form, and it is not easy for developers to take over the assets of buyers at any time.

The feature is also integrated with Circle's Cross-chain transfer Protocol (CCTP), which allows a customer charged with dollar coins (USDC) to damage his tokens on one chain and then re-mint them on another.

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In the next case, cross-chain shopping will be extended to the immutable X, Skale, Palm and MoonBeam.

According to Rasha Antazer, founder of Rarimo service provider Rarify Labs, this new feature is just one of many processes that deal with Web3 customer experience challenges:

Seamlessly splicing across chains to migrate digital currencies and identity levels is particularly important to the success of Web3. NFT payments are an essential part of this, but they are also gradual.

As the NFT sales market tries new functions to attract consumers, the NFT sales market competes with each other and warms up again. LooksRare released its latest low-cost version on April 7th, and Blur gradually granted permanent loans with NFT collateral from May 1st.

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