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General Bytes, a maker of Bitcoin ATM, has become the latest victim of an Internet attack that claims to damage 1.5 million dollars in digital assets.

The hack, which took place on Friday, was devastating for one of the largest makers of bitcoin ATM machines in the field, which the company says has more than 9000 bitcoin ATM machines.

Hot wallet, the trading center was conquered.

Basic bytes haveReportedRecent Internet attacks have resulted in unauthorized browsing of hot wallets and trading center funds, theft of account passwords and prohibition of two-factor authentication.

Besides, On-Chain and EtherScanData informationIt shows that Bitcoin attackers won about $1.5 million worth of BTC based on Uniswap DEX and transferred to Ethernet Square, which is worth nearly $40000.

This intrusion has seriously affected not only the General Bytes CVM, but also the independent hosts of other operators. The attacker uses his Java application software to remotely control the submission according to the main service interface and operate with BATM operation privileges.

General Bytes classified the intrusion as the "maximum" severity and said that all financial audits conducted since 2021 had failed to detect the system vulnerability that caused the breach.

The Bitcoin hacker managed to escape more than $1 million in bitcoin sales and fragments of other digital assets.

Although the structural reinforcement measures were implemented, the login password was still blackened.

As the popularity of digital currency continues to soar, the total number of hacker attacks and network security problems in the industry also increases.

First of all, from high-profile attacks on key exchanges to investors damaging life savings, the impact of this rampant login password hacker's personal behavior is significant and potentially fatal.

In recent years, hackers have shocked victims by stealing billions of dollars worth of digital assets in the market, and questioned the security of the green ecosystem of all login passwords.

While diligently improving security measures and preventing attacks, the rise of Defi and other decentralized systems has opened up a new system vulnerability and attack media.

The cost of such an attack is not just property damage, because it erodes the recognition of the entire field of login passwords and sparks controversy over the reasonableness and legality of digital assets as viable investment projects.

The basic byte has been usedShould be very familiar with network security issuesIn the most recent time. As early as August 2022, the company was the victim of a hacking attack that resulted in the theft of bitcoins stored on ATM computers.

In this attack, hackers stole about $16000, prompting the company to take immediate action.

In the event of a recent breach, General Bytes released a security fix and urged customers to implement it as soon as possible.

The company advises customers to update their web servers to invalidate all login passwords, API keys and hot wallets.

This move aims to prevent all future attacks to ensure the security of customers' digital assets.

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