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Foresight Ventures, a Malaysian venture capital firmIt's already open.The key to the second phase of the use of accelerators is the Web3 project in a variety of emerging ecosystems.

In this regard, the company recently announced that it would pledge an additional $10 million to its Web3 accelerator program.

Foresight Ventures Web3 accelerates the program

The Foresight Web3 accelerator is the firstSendIn November 2022, the initial project invested US $10 million.In the first phase, the accelerator aims to screen 30 companies from the pool based on Web3.

Each designated project received investment ranging from $50, 000 to $200000, providing it with the necessary financial support to promote the ideas of others.

In the second phase, each designated project will receive a fixed investment of US $200000. Increased financial support will allow these startups to further develop and design their products and expand their operations more effectively.

In addition to the investment in promotion, Foresight Ventures is also prepared to provide assistance and specific guidance for the projects it participates in.

As a result, the company also allocates more than three teachers and a fund partner for each project. Such professionals will provide useful insights, technical knowledge, and strategic proposals to help startups manage opportunities and challenges in the Web3 field.

In addition, after the completion of the accelerator project, Foresight VenturesWill unite.Audition day.The event also provides a platform for participating startups to demonstrate their development, progress and development potential to a wide range of potential investors, technical experts and stakeholders.

The trial day will lead to the fame, contact and application of the project.

The total investment of Foresight Ventures amounts to 20 million US dollars.

The recently agreed $10 million brings Foresight Ventures's total investment in the Web3 accelerator to $20 million.thisEnhance assetsIt will strengthen the growth and development of Web3 programs and promote innovation and technological progress in zero knowledge (ZK) system software, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning algorithms, liquidity betting derivatives, bitcoin and irreplaceable dynamic passwords (NFT).

Because of itsGradually in 2020Foresight Ventures has raised its venture capital component property (AUM) in its management approach to more than $400m.

The key drivers of this kind of expansion are long-term.CooperationIn March last year, Bitget partnered with BitKeep, a multi-chain wallet provider, and Bitget, the Singapore cryptocurrency exchange.

Looking forward to the latest news from venture capital companies

Looking forward to venture capital companies in the near futureUpgradeOn May 16, the company launched the Web3 mobile game "he", which the company believes will bring about a breakthrough in the game market.

With the concept of being different and her commitment to the female audience, she combines artificial intelligence technology with mobile games in the Web3 ecosystem.

Gamers interact with AI boyfriend personas and enjoy a personalized and dynamic gaming experience that can be adjusted according to their preferences and behavior.

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