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In Cointelegraph Markets Pro's latest VORTECS ™statement, this organizational data encryption alert service platform shows how its team members achieved a total gain of 179% by conducting four transactions based on four different types of Markets Pro index values. The report describes the trading alerts generated during the period from 26 February to 4 March 2023.

Potential gains for Cointelegraph Markets Pro subscribers are much higher than simple buy-and-hold strategies for the same period, with the latter losing 5 per cent on BTC (BTC) and 4 per cent on ETH.

Cointelegraph Markets Pro uses a variety of high-end data information-such as its proprietary VORTECS ™Score, NewsQuake ™, Twitter trading volumes and the new most active indicators on the chain-to alert subscribers to implicit price movements before price movements occur.

VORTECS ™score

SingularityNET (AGIX)-41% of revenue

When Cointelegraph Markets ProVIP received an alert of 87 points from VORTECS ™on Feb. 26, the asset traded at 39 cents. Five days later, the price of gold peaked at $0.55 a week-an impressive 41% increase!

AGIX is the public utility symbol of SingularityNET, and SingularityNET is a decentralized artificial intelligence technology Internet, where participants build, share and monetize AI service projects on a large scale. AGIX refers to the decentralized use of the Internet to carry out identification, transaction regulation.

News report Quake ™

Liquidity (LQTY)-82% increase

On February 28th, NewsQuake's ™alerted Cointelegraph Markets Pro team members to note that Binance said it would launch LQTY in the innovation zone. Only five hours later, the price soared from $1.42 to $2.58-an astonishing 82% increase!

LQTY is the native signature of Liquity, a stable borrower. LQTY holders can bet their tokens on chips to get part of the cost of opening or closing loans.

Tweet sound

Tweet statistics measure the amount and activity of talk on Twitter, a social platform for a project. The reason behind the application of this information is that extensive, community-driven discussions sometimes promote property prices to rise or fall.

Holy Temple of Ruth (AKRO)-up 40%

The Twitter volume increase chart once again helps subscribers track the increase in the number of discussions about their interests-usually a sign of rising interest-as market prices are also closely related to Twitter's hot spots.

AKRO appeared on the list of increases in Twitter trading volume on Feb. 27, when it was trading at $0.005. Just four days later, the price soared to $0.007-up 40%!

AKRO is the decentralized financial agreement Akropolis governance representative, dedicated to deposit and increase financial transactions to provide separate financial ecosystem software.

The most active thematic activities on the chain

As mentioned in a recent article on Cointelegraph Markets Pro 2.0 upgrades, a new and most active data message on the chain shows users the five dynamic passwords with the largest increase in the number of active detailed addresses on internal links in the past 24 hours, rather than flipping the average total over the past 30 days.

Yearn.Finance (YFI)-up 16%

On February 27th, YFI (YFI) won the first place in the most active On-Chain data chart, showing to Cointelegraph Markets Pro subscribers that this is the dynamic password with the largest increase in active detailed addresses on Polygon. At that time, it traded for $9448-but four days later, the price rose 16% to $10998!

How to get the benefits of Cointelegraph Markets Pro

This cumulative increase of 179% occurred in the week from February 26 to March 4, 2023. It may be overly ideal to assume that subscribers have won all of this use value, but even those who have won 1/5 meaning can earn nearly 35 per cent.

This is not the first time Cointelegraph Markets Pro has generated this kind of weekly earnings-in fact, it happens on time every week. In the week from February 19 to 25, the organizational service platform applied the same four indicator values to indicate that the potential benefits of subscribers exceeded 64%.

Another important thing to note is that each mobile alarm is triggered before the movement actually occurs. After that, it is very easy to find the most ideal entry opportunities, but Cointelegraph Markets Pro applies organization-level technology to help traders identify these opportunities immediately, usually before opportunities arise.

However, there is a problem: only subscribers to Cointelegraph Markets Pro can get such alerts.

For some people who are tired of staying out of it when other login password traders lock up earnings, there is only one area to go.

Know how Cointelegraph Markets Pro can give information that harms the market trend before this information is made public.

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Cointelegraph Markets Pro VORTECS Report summary — 179% gains from 4 alerts

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