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On March 16th, Arirum Foundation developers announced the launch of Arirum DAO and the local regulation token ARB. On March 23, the total supply of tokens will be available to eligible consumers and developers, and tokens will be deployed.

Shortly after the over-the-counter bank counters, derivatives exchanges and spot exchanges were launched based on the published representativeness of IOUs (I owe you), the speculation closely surrounding ARB officially began.

ARB tokens gain driving force in pre-sale trading

After 11:00 on Monday night, BitMEX launched the ARB June futures derivatives contract. Esther. At the time of writing, the futures contract traded at about $1.30, which means that traders are betting that the price of ARB will be close to that level by the end of June.

Futures contracts allow speculators to bet on the price of tokens and allow arbitrage of airdropped material signal receivers to hedge his ownership. For eligible ARB holders, they can buy bearish futures contracts and sell ARB tokens at a special amount to protect them from the falling price of future generations issued on Thursday.

Some personal discord and Telegram OTC bank counters carry active trading of ARB tokens, with prices ranging from $1 to $1.50. The deal was done by selling the right to use the Ether Fong wallet, which is entitled to ARB airdrop goods.

The trading prices of futures contracts and over-the-counter companies are in line with the estimated value of ARB tokens, which is also based on comparison with optimists'OP tokens valuations.

Analysts at Crypto Twitter say the price of ARB tokens is likely to fluctuate between $1 and $2 soon after its launch. Optimist is another Ethernet Square layer 2 network that launched tokens in May 2022.

In addition to futures contracts, some exchanges, such as Hotbit and XT, are still buying and selling IOU tokens, and holders are entitled to the same number of ARB tokens at launch. Since its launch on Monday, the exchanges have traded more than $2.7 million in 24 hours. The IOU traded at about $8.31, more than six times the price of BitMEX derivatives.

Most of the top password exchanges, such as Bitfinex, Binance, Huobi and Bybit, announced the ARB offering on March 23.

Due to the many hot spots before the sale and the immediate sale on the top exchanges, the price of tokens is likely to change significantly soon after the launch.

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Speculators flock to Arbitrum IOU tokens ahead of this week’s ARB airdrop

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