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In this week's sales and Marketing talk program, Cointelegraph warmly welcomed Justin Kramer, Badgerland Home Crypto Mining's CEO, a long-term investor in digital currency. When he is not at his own mining service platform, Kramer can give technical advice to more startups running at home on how to build mines.

We can start with the miners' prices and the changes that have taken place over the past few months. Whether the price is up or down, what harm does BTC (BTC) do to the market? Which miners are the most popular at this stage, and who is buying them-smaller miners or large and medium-sized miners?

Mining companies that buy mining drilling rigs at very high prices are no longer even close to the same price. How do they operate in this industry? What is their plan to recover the cost? At this point, this is an unsuccessful reason, because the price of the coins they mine at this stage is not as high as before? Is it still worth paying such high water and electricity bills and continuing to mine?

President Joe Ban Ki-moon recently unveiled a new cost budget, including a high 30% tax on electrical projects used for digital-currency mining operations. You know Kramer's views on the matter and what are the actual details of the new tax. Should it be a login password attack at this time?

At this point, are miners more focused on alternative coin miners because they may be able to make more profits than BTC mining? People asked Kramer if it was true, and if so, what was it behind him?

How much money do you make from mining Kadena? How much did this miner spend, and what is the price of mining and led software Dina? Is the Internet advancing and innovating?

People asked Kramer how he suggested that the people who needed to build the mine were all BTC miners or a certain proportion of BTC miners, and the rest were basically Altcoin miners. Which miners did he actually strongly recommend?

According to the development of cloud mining industry and NFT-based mining industry? Are they a good choice for people who should not have enough time or network resources to run miners in their own houses or real estate? Kramer was also asked about the small details of profit sharing and other miscellaneous fees involved in such mining methods.

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