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Speaking of Ether, we must know something about it. After all, Ether is the virtual currency second only to Bitcoin at present. Since its issuance, Ether has a relatively high rate of return on investment, so it is also popular with investors. As we all know, Ether can be obtained through mining in addition to exchange purchase. At present, the most common way of mining is the ore pool, but for miners, When selecting ore pools, the most important thing is the profitability of ore pools. So, which mine pool of Ethereum has higher income? How to choose the Ethereum Mine Pool? Next, let's have a look.

Yitaifang Ore Pool Revenue Ranking


BTC.com is a leading BTC data service provider and a provider of ore pool and wallet processing solutions. Since 2015, BTC The com team starts with the infrastructure in such fields as block browser, and is committed to creating new standards in multiple sub industries. The BTC.com brand can be seen in wallet, mining pool, market, information and other fields.


F2Pool is one of the largest mining pools in China in Bitcoin and Litecoin mining systems. According to Blockchain. info data, F2Pool is the second largest mining pool in the world, second only to Antpool.

3. Coinage seal

Coin Seal was founded in November 2017 by BTC Com. Team products and technology output are serving most of the BTC computing power of the whole network; In two years, he has created many commodities, spanning multiple vertical fields such as blockchain browser, mining pool and wallet. Coin printing ore pool is a professional ore pool supporting the mining of all mainstream currencies. Currently, the applicable currencies include BTC, BCH, BSV, ZEC, LTC, ETH, DCR, DASH and XMR.

4. Fire coin pit

Firecoin Ore Pool is the world's first ore pool platform integrating digital currency mining and trading, and uses a new distribution mode FPPS based on the POW mining system. However, many ore pools in the market use the traditional PPS clearing and distribution mode. In contrast, the FPPS method of Huo Coin has increased the packing fees for miners, and each miner can increase the profit by about 5%. According to this measure, Huo coin ore pool is different from other ore pools and attracts miners.

5. Ant pit

Ant Mine Pool is an efficient virtual currency mine pool invested by Bitcom in the development of many resources. It aims to provide miners with more friendly pages, more perfect effects, more level of applications and richer transparent color profits, and make more contributions to the development of data currency. Ant Mine Pool is an efficient virtual currency mine pool, which aims to provide miners with more friendly pages, more perfect effects, more convenient applications and more transparent color profits. Ant Mine Pool provides mining services of BTC, Lite Coin, Ethereum and other virtual currencies, and supports PPS, PPLNS, SOLO and other payment methods.

6. Microbit

Microbit is a professional digital currency technology service provider, whose service scope includes data currency trading platform, virtual currency mining pool, cloud mining contract, etc. It was founded in May 2016, released Bitcoin Ore Pool in June of the same year, and released cloud mining commodities in November. In March 2017, Microbit received a round A financing of RMB 20 million led by BitChina to expand its exchange business. In June, Microbit officially released the data currency trading platform.

How to select the Ethereum Ore Pool?

1. Ore pool location

Select a pool that has servers nearby. If you live in the United States and try to mine on a server in China, you won't get the best results. Check whether the ore pool is on the same server as your country and region. This will help you dig more effectively.

2. Hash rate and number of miners

Naturally, the larger the hash rate of the ore pool, the more digital currencies will be obtained. But don't forget the number of miners working there. If 100000 guys are operating the ore pool with high computing power, you will get negligible benefits. Find a mining pool with a moderate number of miners to create profits.

3. Mining expenses and cash withdrawal threshold

Each mining pool has a fee and the minimum cash withdrawal limit of your cryptocurrency wallet. The cost is generally almost the same, ranging from 1% to 3%.

4. Reward distribution type

Four types of reward allocation PPS, PPS+, PPLNS and FPPS are key applications of the current service platform, which were discussed in the previous article.

Depending on the difference of payment platforms, you will be rewarded uninterruptedly or intermittently. PPLNS will provide you with digital currency profits only when the ore pool tries to explore a block. Other distribution categories will still reward you at all times, but higher commissions will be deducted for such services to reduce risks and expenses.

5. Convenient statistics

Each ore pool provides key information about the relevant payment method, cost, reward amount, quota, withdrawal funds and other parameters. Remember, the wider the statistics, the better. If statistical information is few and does not show many indicators at all, it is a dangerous sign of dishonest service.

Some users test the mining pool and connect its mining equipment with each mining pool one by one for one or two days. They consider the operation capability and choose the most beneficial one.

Speaking of this, I believe that you have a certain understanding of which mining pool of Ethereum has a high income and how to select the Ethereum mining pool. In general, the ore pool with good reputation will be much larger than the new one or the one with poor reputation, because the ore pool with poor reputation rarely can withstand the test of time. Generally speaking, the ore pool with good reputation is also more transparent to its operation. Many of the ore pools bring tools that can ensure that each user can get the correct reward through the hash rate they contribute, It can also ensure that your hash rate is not used for malicious purposes, such as launching a powerful attack against 51% attacks. Therefore, before selecting a mining pool, miners must investigate the reputation of the mining pool.

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