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In this week's newsletter on current affairs, read how the term "meta universe" ranks second in Cambridge's vocabulary this year. Let's see how Meta promoted its meta universe planning amid doubts, and how Magic Eden, the non bank token (NFT) sales market, announced a means to apply for compulsory royalty. In other news, master how Opera Crypto Browser integrates NFT casting. Yes, too. Don't forget the Nifty news report this week. This is a record high created by the Reddit avatar

Metaverse ranks second in Cambridge's vocabulary this year

The word "metauniverse" ranks second in the 2022 vocabulary of Cambridge University, only second to "monster way". The latter describes the feelings of people who do not like to recover from life after the ban of the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to the information of Cambridge University, the use of metaverse has quadrupled in 2022. The root cause is that Twitter renamed its famous brand Meta in October 2021. Cambridge University pays attention to the fact that this word has been popular in data encryption communities.

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Despite the doubts, Meta still "uses power" according to metaverse plan - Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, still has fantasies about the enterprise's new metaverse project, although the project costs billions of dollars. In an interview at the DealBook Conference, the CEO of Meta focused on the fact that the phenomenon in ten years will be different from that in the near future.

Mark Zuckerberg felt that the way of communication in the 1930s would be very different from the way of communication today. The CEO of Meta pays attention to "someone must build it" and invest in it.

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Magic Eden follows OpenSea to release special tools for NFT royalty implementation

Magic Eden, the NFT sales market located in Solana, announced that it would allow creators and levy royalties on collections. This is after OpenSea released similar special tools in November last year.

Jack Lu, CEO of Magic Eden, put forward the idea of applying for compulsory royalty in the previous Solana meeting, emphasizing that the originators need more sustainable income models.

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Opera Crypto browser can complete NFT casting in time through running board

At the same time, Opera Crypto browser actively integrates with Alteon LaunchPad and has set foot in NFT. With the new special tools, the computer browser will allow everyone to create NFT based on drag and drop pages.

Susie Batt, Opera's management, said that such integration allows consumers to explore and contribute to the Web3 ecosystem. In addition, the special tool will be free of platform usage fees, allowing everyone to explore NFT at will.

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Nifty news report: Reddit NFT throat candy has set a new record, and the meta universe carnival party of 400000 dollars in EU countries failed

The NFT personal collection of Reddit, a social networking forum, set a new record for creating avatar pictures in one day. On December 3, the website created a new record of 255000 head portrait images, exceeding the 200000 head portrait images cast in one day on August 30. In addition, Timex, a watch manufacturer, cooperates with Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Mutant Ape Yach Club (MAYC) to create watches that are consistent with BAYC and MAYC NFT.

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Thank you for reading the introduction to the most attractive development trend of NFT industry this week. Go again next Wednesday to learn more about the report and views on this proactive development opportunity.

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