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In the coming year, the Pacific Islands will cause a sensation in the Bitcoin community. The title of Fusitua, a former Tonga congressman and royal family of Tonga, has been announced that Fiji has selected a prime minister for bitcoin.

The post on Twitter reads:

Congratulations to my buddy Sitiveni Rabuka and our GOPAC Biman Prasad of Fiji for winning your place in the Fijian election-being elected Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister of Fiji respectively. Tosoviti.

A new prime minister of Sumatra who uses bitcoin. The newly elected Prime Minister of Fiji, Labuka. Let's issue the 2-BTC legal tender documents for the Pacific region twice in 2023.

On December 24th, Rabuca was elected to the new prime minister under the leadership of a three-party coalition government. Fijian electors have removed the first government department of Fiji led by Donald Bainimara's mother after two terms, showing their yearning for transformation.

As prime minister, Rabuca will undertake foreign relations, climate change, natural environment, public cultural services, information and public companies, and lead a cabinet system of 19 directors and 10 ministers.

The title of Fusitu'an indicated in an original post on November 13th that he and Sitiveni Rabuka had been on the phone for half an hour to advise him on how to start based on the BTC extraction of renewable resources and the best way to choose BTC in Fiji.

According to other sources, Fusitu'a has gradually explained to Fiji's new prime minister via Zoom how to follow the Salvadoran script and choose Bitcoin as its legal tender.

Will Fiji and Tonga use Bitcoin as legal tender?

For Tonga itself, Fuxitua has already submitted a timetable in January, which shows how island countries with a population of 106000 choose Bitcoin. According to the royal family, China plans to use Bitcoin as its legal tender in the second quarter of 2023 and Bitcoin mining in the third quarter of 2023.

This island country has 21 super volcanoes, which can meet the electricity demand of many times as much as this, thus bringing great development potential for the use of active volcanoes for electric energy extraction. Fiji consists of 330 islands with a population of 903000 as part of a 20-year plan to use renewable resources to produce electricity for all islands by 2030.

The use of bitcoin to extract energy from active volcanoes to generate electricity is likely to be the main financial lever to achieve this goal. In addition, as explained by the title of Fusitu, the island state has a large number of hydropower projects, unlike Tonga.

Apart from mining, Bitcoin and Lightning networks can also create great potential for savings, according to the World Bank, since more than 11% of Fiji's GDP comes from other countries.

But when Mr. Rabuka of Fiji addressed the nation for the first time on Thursday as an innovative prime minister, he did not mention bitcoin. Therefore, how the short story should be carried out is still unknown.

As of the time of submission, the price of Bitcoin was $16600.

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