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Login password Twitter questioned Rob Bankman-Fred's $250 million bail, which allowed her to spend Christmas at her parents' home in Palo Alto without a penny in advance.

The former FTX CEO arrived in New York City from the Bahamas on 21 December and took place on 22 December, where he paid bail in court-essentially a written undertaking by the defendant that they would also appear in court and not to participate in all illegal activities during the bail period.

According to the release agreement submitted on December 22nd, there is no need to sue to deposit cash in court, but by debt standards, the five-bedroom house of Bankman-Fred's parents in Palo Alto will be used as $250 million in bond collateral.

Some data-encrypted communities on Twitter were initially baffled by the $250 million non-prepaid bail standard, doubting Rob Bankman-Fried after claiming that he had less than $100000 in his bank account. how can you release $250 million bail data.

According to the bail agreement, bail can be paid only if Bankman-Fry does not appear in court in the future or violates other bail criteria (such as surrender and imprisonment).

In addition, those inquiring about court documents share anxiety about Bankman-Fried's loan guarantor-including his father, Leonard Franz Bankman, and his mother, Barbara Fried-who will be desperate if SBF violates its bail criteria.

On Dec. 23, Skins Melk, a blogger with all the neighborhood wolves, tweeted that although SBF didn't have to pay $250 million to get out of captivity, if he "bypassed bail", his parents would have to work "outside 17 market share" to withdraw the large sum of money.

The blunt Crypto Twitter client Children's Autism Asset describes the matter in detail, explaining that although Bankman-Fried does not have to pay all the money in advance, he also puts his parents, friends and non-relatives in a difficult position.

On December 23rd, The Regulatory Jason Podcast host Jason Brett tweeted that although it may not be reasonable for SBF to live in a luxury house during the trial, he reminded its followers that everyone abroad is entitled to a fair and fair trial and a presumption of innocence.

Dermot McLug posted a statement on Twitter implying that SBF's parents should not allow him to use his house as collateral for a $250 million bail because it was bought with "stolen FTX assets."

Some Twitter users also find it interesting that SBF's bail criteria are not restricted for her to operate her computer during her bail period.

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