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Biden economic report puts Bitcoin in a bad light

As people flee the banking system into Bitcoin, even the U.S. President is attempting to besmirch the world’s most popular cryptocurrency.In the recently released annual Economic Report of the President, Bitcoin was given some rough treatment. It was ment

Class action lawyers claim YouTuber ‘BitBoy Crypto’ threatened them

In a court filing, lawyers in a class-action lawsuit alleged that Ben Armstrong “began harassing” them after he was named a defendant.

Visa: Token bridges were a favored target for thieves in 2022

The fraudsters would usually exploit the smart contracts to allow for the approval of unauthorized transactions.

Traditional banks rely on ‘tiny buffer’: Paris Blockchain Week 2023

Signature Bank is the best place for crypto banking, even if it goes bankrupt, Woorton co-founder Zahreddine Touag believes.

Ethereum (ETH) Investors Are Bullish After Shanghai Upgrade, Good News For Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) and Algorand (ALGO)

Despite already dominating much of the DeFi world, Ethereum (ETH) looks to take DeFi to the next level with its Shanghai Upgrade. The Ethereum (ETH) Shanghai

Top Cryptocurrencies Investors Don’t Want To Miss on March 2023: Polygon (MATIC), The Graph (GRT), and TMS Network (TMSN)

As more investors than ever before are making their way towards decentralized finance (DeFi), they realize that diversification is key to ensuring that a

Nigerian CBDC eNaira Adoption Spikes Due To Cash Shortage

Nigeria, the most populous African nation, experienced a severe cash shortage and these shortages have increased the adoption rate of its CBDC, the eNaira.

Bitcoin Under $27,000 As Short-Term Holders Lock In Highest Profits Since Nov. 2021

Bitcoin has dropped below $27,000 as short-term holders have locked in the highest profits since the November 2021 all-time high.

Ledger launches Nano “Gold Standard” wallets

A new limited edition of the Ledger Nano and NanoX, called the “Gold Standard,” was unveiled yesterday.It is a collaboration with Gasoline by artist and company founder Mason Rothschild. Mason Rothschild and the new “Gold Standard” Ledger Nano Mason Roths

Bitcoin holds steady as crypto-market traders await Fed rate decision

Bitcoin BITSTAMP:BTCUSD changed hands near breakeven in Tuesday morning trading as cryptocurrency-market traders await the Federal Reserve's interest-rate decision on Wednesday. Following a 14.4% climb over the last five sessions, in the wake of a banking

Congressional privacy proposals could kill scores of blockchain projects

Lawmakers may be on the brink of scaring blockchain projects into moving offshore or causing them to shut down altogether.

IRS calls for public feedback on taxing NFTs as collectibles

Those wishing to offer feedback to the IRS on having NFTs treated as collectibles, such as coins or works of art, have until June 19 to submit comments.