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The much anticipated Shiba Inu countdown is now over, but its conclusion is not Shibarium update as many people expect.

Shiba Inu Countdown Complete Official Website Upgrade

Two days ago, a mysterious countdown appeared on the official website of SHIB, making the community guess where it might go. Many consumers expressed that this announcement may be related to the upcoming Mihm Shibarium update.

"Shibarium" is the second layer blockchain technology solution of Shiba Inu, which produces several kinds of improvements for the digital currency ecosystem. The second layer solution is generally the second blockchain technology created in another Internet ("the first layer"). It first independently implements its trading, and then sends its wholesale price to the first layer, thereby relieving the pressure of the carbon chain.

The Shibarium amplification solution to be launched will improve the efficiency of the SHIB ecosystem and provide consumers with cheaper and faster buying and selling. The network will operate in the consensus system of share confirmation, just like its layer 1 Ethernet currency. This means that once the second tier solution is released, Shiba Inu holders will be able to bet on some coins and even become the verifier on the chain.

However, although investors expected that the countdown might be a gathering of the much hyped Shibarium, this announcement was only an upgrade of the official website.

Some community members expressed their strong dissatisfaction with this information on Twitter, promoting developers to come forward to deal with this problem. Shytoshi Kusama, the top development and design officer of this project, apologized to SHIB fans and stressed that the developer fully understood that the countdown could lead to fraud.

Kusama said, "Although I can't control it, I apologize for any doubts. Please look forward to it.". Trophias, a team member working on the SHIB platform, commented: "We all know that some people may feel anxious because you are looking forward to the highly anticipated upgrade of Shibarium. In fact, we should not launch all things at once."

In fact, Trophias only hinted two days ago that the countdown is undoubtedly a website release. As developers often say on Twitter, "The first thing is to upgrade our own main website. This is very necessary, and this is the first step towards the Shibarium Beta."

Although the holders of Shiba Inu may be very disappointed with this information, there are also some positive news recently; SHIB is one of the three digital currencies deeply concerned in Binance in 2022.

SHIB price

At the time of writing this article, Shiba Inu's price was about US $0.0000084oneIt fell by 6% last week.

Shiba Inu Price Chart

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