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Robert Deaton, the founder of CryptoLaw and a lawyer who applies to XRP, issued a proposal on the controversial Sinman speech document.Deaton refuted SEC's claim that the emails and speeches represented Sinman's personal opinion.

In aTweets on May 24thLawyers said the 63 emails and 52 speeches were too many to be labeled "opinions and suggestions."According to Deaton, such speech documents include large-scale suggestions from senior SEC officials and cannot be represented by just one person.

On the controversial Simman document and Deaton's argument

The controversial Sinman documents are related to emails and speeches from Sberly Simman, a former head of corporate finance at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Siman made the speech at the Yahoo! financial market conference in June 2018, at which he said that Ether and BTC are not securities.

The document has been the focus of a quarrel between XRP lawsuits, and Ripple defends Siman's speech.

After 18 months and six court orders, the SEC issued the speech document in October 2022, which has been sealed ever since.

In the recent development of the situation, the Ripple stipulated that the lifting of restricted documents and the fabrication of lies on the premise of the diligent preservation of SEC documents had nothing to do with the case.However, Chief Judge ShevchenkoReject SEC's resolutionIt is said that such documents are restricted by browsing by the public.

Even so, the foreign securities and exchange commission now fabricates lies, documents that represent Sinman's personal opinion, while Deaton believes they are too broad to be a separate opinion.In addition, this kind of document also contains the suggestion of SEC officials, which the people's court must consider.

Deaton addedThere are 63 emails and 52 distinctive transcripts of Seaman speeches. "52" this is also a lot of manuscripts and opinions and suggestions.

The lawyer who applies to XRP is evaluating a July 2022TweetEmail chain for Hinman files.

In 2022, Deaton revealed that the only person in SEC's office that wasn't on the email chain was Danae Serrano, the office and ethics director of Social Ethics.

Deaton's tweet sparked debate over data encryption on the street.

Robert Deaton's latest tweet caused a reaction among members of the login password community. Among the people posting is Marco Fadina, a former SEC mentor.

Figel.Be calledDeaton's concern for SEC's current theory. According to the counselor, all statements made by SEC officials, except for the law enforcement actions or policy-making elected by the SEC's five committees, represent the personal views of the press spokesman.In addition, Figel asked why SEC's views on the lawsuit had not been understood.

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When replying to Fadina's message, lawyer XRP applies.sayYou understand this concept, but in fact SEC's argument has always been transactional.

After Shevchenko's chief judge opened Sinman's documents at the order of Shevchenko, coach James K. GlennansayBefore opening the speech document to the public, they submitted a joint letter requesting that the time limit be increased by one week to June 13.

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