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Identity crisis: the founder of art graffiti says this is not a NFT project

One of the founders of the Art Graffiti Project, the irreplaceable dynamic password (NFT) project, says the project will transform from a "NFT project" to a "leading news media concession".

In a post about the project's discord published on March 18, one of the founders of art graffiti, Jordan Castro, who goes by the pseudonym "defecation" online, said it needed to avoid financial speculators.

People are trying to transform from a new company into a leading news media franchise. People are no longer a 'NFT project', "Castro said."

Art graffiti was launched in October 2021 and its market capitalization has grown to $704 million based on a round of financing in September 2022. The series also has representative composer Farrell Jones as chief brand officer.

Looking forward to the future, Castro shows that art graffiti will be committed to "the most loyal collectors" and will not easily consume online resources to "comfort some people with economic development motives".

Many people on Twitter questioned such a significant shift in focus and stressed that the project had other perceived deficiencies, such as a lack of communication and the loss of NFT cotton socks on March 16.

However, some people apply this measure. Toni Weller, founder of NFT's start-up company, wrote on Twitter: "the faster and faster people solve the word 'NFT project', the better." Such projects, he adds, are "all startups / companies."

Castro later answered the accusation on Twitter and doubled a new key, but said he would normally use NFT technology as the end of everything he did.

The aim, he added, was to "go beyond the malignant speculative circulatory system", deal with real problems based on the "introduction of internally driven consumers", and publish products that meet the needs of the market.

Dandy's NFT diligence reduces data encryption profit

The head office of Playboy, a well-known porn magazine, has announced a significant loss on its shares in ETH, which it acquired from a version of NFT launched in late 2021.

In a filing on March 18, the PLBY Group said it suffered an impairment loss of $4.9 million in 2022 because the price of data encryption fell sharply over the past year.

Dude launched Rabbitars NFT in October 2021, just before the login password market peaked. Since then, the price of Ether has fallen by about 60%, in line with the decline in the broader market.

As of December 31, 2022, Playboy's login password has a net worth of $327000.

In the filing, the company explained that even if the investment real estate in its digital currency rose after recording damage, it regarded the impairment loss as irrecoverable.

"One Etherum prices in everyone's core market range from $964 to $3813 during the 2022 period," the company wrote. " However, the book value of each ethernet place we have at the end of the reporting period reflects the minimum price quoted by the active trading center at any time so far.

The company explained: "the positive fluctuation of the Etherum price market is not easily reflected in the book value of everyone's digital currency, and it will harm profits only when Etherum is sold at sky-high prices."

YUGA Labs's new personal collection of coins exceeds $10 million.

NFT integrated enterprise YUGA Labs is in the online game "Dookey Dash" the next step to create a new NFT series of products, once again made millions of dollars.

On March 15, the man who forged the sewer access card that was originally used to play Dookey Dash was invited to burn his access card on the call show to make it easier to cast NFT from a new collection called HV-MTL or excessive heavy metal.

The new series of 30, 000 NFT is similar to intelligent robot cubes, which will later reveal a "robot", according to the series OpenSea.

The collection has skyrocketed in the secondary market since its decline. OpenSea statistics show that the current cost price is 2.3ETH, equivalent to 4000 US dollars, and the total trading volume has exceeded 6050 ETH, equivalent to about 10.3 million US dollars.

With the income of the founder of YUGA set at 5%, the project has earned more than $500000 for enterprises.

These early makers reported the whole process output problem, but YUGA discovered and dealt with the problem within hours based on the upgrade combination.

Some members of the initial team of the new NFTs reported that there was no so-called "partner feature" on his HV-MTL at first, but the YUGA lab discovered the problem and upgraded the information collected.

Coinbase launches an one-stop shop for NFT creators

The NFT marketing department of Coinbase, a password trading center, has launched a new "creator core", bringing a range of tools for NFT creators to launch and combine marketing.

Coinbase NFT posted the message on Twitter on March 16, touting the center as a "one-stop shop" and providing a brief description of new toys that can be used by original creators.

The use of the tool is clearly able to launch the NFT series in three steps, track discordant sales, and put the NFT series on the website.

Other features include only the level of perception of the NFT holder's establishment of the access control system, and a means related to the holder's wallet analysis.

This is clearly the first time in a while that Coinbase NFT has announced a major upgrade on its platform.

In response to the statement, one client wrote: I'm glad to see you're still alive and still playing football. "for a while, we thought you were dead."

Other interesting news

Along with saas model guru Salesforce also announced a channel called Salesforce Web3, which is clearly very popular to help companies sustainably build, manage, and deploy tools dedicated to NFT,NFT creators.

FormFunction, the NFT sales market in Solana, a company's headquarters, said it would close its stores at the end of March after a little more than a year, but did not say why. But with the price of Solana and the trading volume of NFT falling sharply in the same period, it did happen.

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