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In a variety of ongoing research, FTX transferred money again. It is reported that the address related to the unsuccessful login password exchange has transferred about $145 million smooth code to various service platforms.

As LookonChain discovered on March 14th, three wallets related to FTX and its subsidiary Alameda Research have already transferred 69.64 million USDT and 75.94 million US dollars (USDC). Tie rope storage has entered Coinbase, Binance and Kraken and other channels to store wallets. All the money in USDC has been transferred to Coinbase escrow wallet.

Both FTX and Alameda are seeking property because it faces rules to return money to different groups of investors. According to Andy Dietderich, a FTX teacher, by January 2023, the desperate cryptocurrency trading center had already recovered $5 billion in funds and negotiable cryptocurrencies. However, its total debt exceeds $8.8 billion.

The latest news of the FTX bankruptcy is a new agreement with a company owned by the Abu Dhabi government. Alameda Research sold its remaining interest in venture capital firm Sequoia Capital to the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund for $45 million.

In March this year, Alameda Research filed a lawsuit against GrayScale Investments in the Delaware Court of Chancery. The lawsuit seeks to open up a value of $9 billion or more for shareholders of grayscale Bitcoin and Ethernet Fang private equity funds.] And achieve a net asset value of more than $2.5 billion for FTX Debtors users and debtors.

With the case against FTX piling up, some appellants have ordered a merger of prosecutions against failed exchanges. On 8 March, however, a presiding judge rejected the merger request, highlighting that the accused had not been allowed to clarify the facts. Jacqueline Kono, the US district chief judge, recently rejected five proposed class action claims against FTX.

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FTX-related stablecoins on the move: $145M transferred to crypto exchanges

Three wallets, reportedly associated with FTX and its subsidiary, Alameda Research, have moved 69.64 million USDT and 75.94 million USDC.

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