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Shapella hardfork has long been implemented on the Goerli test network-this is also the last time that an etheric verifier can revoke its ETH stability test from the portal chain.

However, there are also some problems with the hard fork. Tim Beeko, a key developer of Etherum, stressed that the process did not go as smoothly as it should have, as many Testnet validators did not update their clients before Goerli bifurcations.

He attributed this to the "poor" motivation of the TestNet validator for ascension, as the previous Goerli ETH was "worthless", but he predicted that the validator would be properly adjusted before the etheric network forked.

Terence.eth, an Etherum researcher, explained that it took 15 years for Shapella to enter the Goerli test network because network participation was less than 2/3 of the threshold:

According to the Etherum project investment proposal, EIP-4895 bottom bid ETH will be "pushed" to the decision-making level in the smoke chain.

Although the Shapella update includes five different types of EIP, EIP-4895 has been highly anticipated because it takes Etherum a step closer to multi-functional risk verification system software.

Shapella is scheduled to come into effect online at the etheric in early April, with several delays at the Sepolia and Goerli network level for bifurcation.

The hard fork will allow part of all withdrawals. In essence, when Shapella bifurcates, it will open 17.6 million ETH, which is equivalent to more than $30 billion at the current purchase price.

However, according to the etheric foundation, several systems have long been in time to avoid the impact of ETH supply on the sales market.

Because it can handle about 2200 withdrawals per day, the permitted frequency of withdrawals within 24 hours will only account for about 0.40% of all ETH of bets.

This is mainly because, in many cases, up to 10 validators can be allocated to an era, and it takes about five to six minutes to solve an era.

If each of the 2200 verifiers gets all 32 ETH bets, it will only account for about 70000 ETH- compared to 17.6 million bets, which is only a fraction.

On March 15th, ethStaker broadcast live on YouTube the execution of Gorley.

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