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Bitcoin's recent Taproot update has promoted a new agreement called Taproot number. This indigenous innovation now allows users to forge BRC-20 tokens on Bitcoin. Because these tokens are not well known to some extent, their impact is becoming more and more evident in bitcoin transaction data. The growing demand adds to the work pressure on Bitcoin, resulting in higher transaction fees. For investors who need BRC-20 tokens, ease of use is an important link.

A number of projects are emerging to meet this test, including a decentralized financial (Defi) service platform called Alex.

Promote DEFI improvement

In April 2021, entrepreneurs Dr. Chiente Hsu and Rachel Yu noticed the rapid expansion and lack of relativity of DEFI. In order to mature Defi, they decided to set up Alex, an automated liquidity exchange. Instead of building ethernet or another newer one on the web, Xu and Yu built his Defi solution directly on the bitcoin blockchain. Entrepreneurs with an American Wall Street environment understand that trust is important to financial services, which makes Bitcoin the perfect choice.

Nowadays, as BRC-20 tokens become more and more popular, Alex has launched a new channel named B20 by Alex. The site is a blockchain technology exchange (DEX) designed specifically for trading BRC-20 and any other bitcoin L1 tokens to be launched. The B20 service promises to provide a trading experience that is as easy to use as a centralized exchange, as well as basic upper-layer security for bitcoin.

Unified liquidity

Alex's B20 aims to unify the liquidity of BRC-20 tokens, which are riddled with holes at this stage. He handles events in a separate layer and then liquidates all transaction management at a time. Such settings help accelerate the rate of transactions in DEX and ease the pressure on the Bitcoin Internet.

B20 provides stock stop-loss order information and loan management. Price discovery is based on investors' bidding and bidding, and order information provides a more comprehensive understanding of the depth and mood of the market.

Source: Alex

Alex's goal is to make Bitcoin as effective as Ethernet Square. The research team feels that the future development of Defi is intertwined with Bitcoin because of its credibility and security.

Carry out the solution at the same time

The continued growth of the BRC-20 market has added great pressure on Bitcoin, resulting in higher transaction fees and some adverse effects on Bitcoin's Defi fitness exercise. However, with the construction of L2 infrastructure, B20 can help solve this problem.

In order to resolve transactions in a separate layer, and then bundled and cleared on bitcoin, B20 maintains relatively low transaction costs and scalability. This method optimizes the trading experience and reduces the pressure on Bitcoin.

With the launch of B20, Alex has become a service pledge for key participants in the Defi industry. Xu Jiande, co-founder and CEO of Alex, shares her vision of opening up a new frontier:

"everyone is closely aware of the overall situation," he said. We firmly believe that DEFI can eliminate the need for concentration of physical objects. As the world's wealth becomes more and more symbolic, the innovative tools that have been built for the security of Bitcoin will become priceless.

Alex also launched AMM DEX, which provides productive farming, chips and IDO LaunchPad, all integrated with bitcoin.

Source: Alex

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